1903 Pope-Hartford Model A

Chassis Num: 364
Sold for $88,000 at 2006 RM Sothebys.
Sold for $52,250 at 2011 RM Sothebys.
During it's short lifespan (1903-1914) the Pope Hartford Company produced some of the most exciting, high quality vehicles of the period. Known for their advanced design and top performance, today these cars area mong the most prized and highly sought-after by 'Brass-era' collectors. The Model 'A' was Pope Hartford's first public offering, and was an instant success. Only 8 examples remain today in private hands. This is certainly one of the premier 'Brighton-era' vehicles extant.

This car came from the estate of E. R. Bourne, a well known west coast collector who specialized in Pope Hartfords, and was a well respected authority on the marque. The car was his personal tour vehicle and was well known for many years as a participant on numerous HCCA tours. It had been in storage since his death in the early 1990's and has just recently been 're-discovered.' The car is quite authentic, although some modifications were made for increased tour reliability and performance. The ignition system is of later design, and an auxiliary flywheel brake was installed. The car retinas it's original wood body, frame, suspension, axles, steering, motor and transmission. The wood fenders are not the originals, but were re-made in the original style. The muffler is also not authentic.

After 15 years in storage, with little more than fresh fuel and a battery, the motor started and ran. The car has been given a fresh repaint in authentic Pope Hartford colors including all hand applied pin-striping. A new set of correct 30 x 3-1/2' tires along with brass stem tubes, flaps and brass valve stem covers have been installed. A period-correct custom made wicker basket now adorns the rear of the roadster deck, a beautiful paif of brass sidelamps are mounted on the dash and new wool carpet mats cover the floor and rear deck compartment floor. While the car has not been driven extensively for the last 15 years, it's reputation as a proven tour performer speaks well for it's potential tour capabilities.
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