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2006 Nothelle Q7

2006 Nothelle Q7
For over 38 years, the name 'nothelle' has been synonymous with a passion for engineering excellence. Our tuning products for top automobiles of the Audi and Volkswagen brands meet the highest standards and combine our many years of experience in motor sports with the traditional nothelle values of quality and exclusivity.

The customizing products for Audi vehicles are born out of a passion for motor sports and innovative design. The Q7 is the latest addition to the Audi family. And nothelle, based in Ratingen, Germany, has already responded to the market launch of the new model by enhancing it both visually and in terms of power and dynamism.

Nothelle's prime aim was to lend the huge SÚV a sporty lifestyle look without detracting from its off-road capabilities. As a result, the nothelle Q7 is no yuppy-mobile, but continues to be a real all-rounder. A visit to a flashy restaurant? High-speed highway driving? Speedy uphill climbs on winding roads? Driving on rough terrain? The nothelle Q7 takes it all in stride, while at the same time cutting a sharp figure.

A real head-turner2006 Nothelle Q7
nothelle is changing the external appearance of the Q7 by equipping it with a sporty and elegant body-styling kit. The kit consists of a lift-reducing front spoiler, an air inlet grille in the front apron, side skirts, a totally new rear apron including 4 sports tailpipes, wheel arch extensions and a roof spoiler for enhanced stability at high speeds.

With nothelle's own-brand wheel rim from the Novedra series, the king size 10.0 x 22-inch 'NOVEDRA IX SPORT', fitted to the nothelle tires of technology partner KÚMHO in sizes 295/30-22, the Q7 acquires a more powerful and individual look. The Q7 can be even more exclusively equipped with 'NOVEDRA IX SPORT titanium edition', 'NOVEDRA IX SPORT black edition' and 'NOVEDRA IX SPORT brilliance edition' wheels.

The new look and additional power is set off by the electronically lowered suspension in the form of an electronic module which nothelle has developed especially for the 'Audi adaptive air suspension' of the SÚV produced in Ingolstadt, Germany. Needless to say, nothelle also has a sports spring kit for the factory-provided dynamic chassis.

In order to enhance the braking performance of the 2.3-ton vehicle, nothelle also developed a brake kit - for every eventuality.

Naturally, nothelle also offers multiple options for the alteration of the interior of the Q7. In the portfolio, for example, is a real leather interior range which lends the vehicle a luxury feel. As the crowning glory of the elegant interior, it is possible to build in an office complete with state-of-the-art multimedia components.

Sheer power

Scarcely visible from the outside, the alterations are all the more noticeable under the hood. The Q7 starts out with two engines, namely a large three-liter turbo diesel engine, the 3.0 V6 TDI with 500 nm of torque and 171 KW (233 HP), in addition to the large 4.2-liter V8 gasoline engine with 257 kW (350 HP). With a curb weight of 2.3 tons, it is hardly possible to talk about powerful motorization at this point. Each additional unit of horsepower and each nm of torque would produce superior locomotion.
Consequently nothelle is also boosting the power of both these engines. After passing through the hands of nothelle engineers for chip tuning or the installation of the N TRONIC BOX©, the 3.0 TDI generates an impressive 275 HP and delivers 600 nm of torque to the crankshaft at upwards of 1,750 RPM. The prices of such power enhancements range between 1,100 (chip tuning) and 1,500 euros (N TRONIC BOX) and include a two-year warranty.

As a rule, nothelle offers three enhanced performance options, each with different characteristics.

First is the N TRONIC BOX©, the intelligent power box for diesel engines. It is an additional ECÚ, which provides a significant yet not excessive power boost.

The LEADERCHIP© chip tuning type delivers similar power outputs and is designed for the demanding driver who wants more controlled power. The vehicle unleashes its full potential while at the same time maintaining its outstanding handling and consistently smooth running qualities. With well-balanced values, the engine offers significantly improved torque and enhanced power. It is the diplomat of the tuning chips with untamed pizzazz.

The third option offered by nothelle is BÚLLCHIP©, the power boost for drivers with sporting ambitions. It is characterized by its full power, breathtaking torque and phenomenal acceleration. It is the real muscle among the tuning chips.

In all its innovations, nothelle pays particular attention to ensure compliance with current exhaust emission standards. ( posted on

In the case of gasoline variants as well, nothelle is reaching for the stars. A bi-turbo kit is being developed for the 4.2 V8, which draws up to 580 brute horsepower and 720 nm at 3,200 RPM from the direct injection engine. This should enable the Q7 to mutate into a real road beast!

Since the standard muffler failed the sound test, nothelle is replacing it with its own rear muffler featuring a sonorous purr and a 4-pipe look. nothelle also offers the option of replacing the entire exhaust system, allowing the Q7 to broadcast its newly gained power in no uncertain terms.

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