1921 Daniels Speedster D-19

The Daniels cars were produced in Reading, Pennsylvania. Production lasted from 1915 through 1924. This is the only one in existence, from 100 that were produced. The price of the vehicles varied, usually ranging from $4500-$5350.

The Daniels V8 that displaces 404 cubic-inches produced 80-90 horsepower. The body was built by Fleetwood, another Pennsylvania firm.

The radiator is made with German silver. It was advertised as 'The Distinguished Car to the Discriminating. The principals of the company included George Daniels (a former vice-president at GM) and Neff Parish (owner of Parish Pressed Steel) both experienced automotive people. But a personality clash between these two men, ultimately led to the demise of the Daniels Company.
Coachwork: Fleetwood
After the conclusion of the First World War, America entered a ten year period of wealth and prosperity. Known today as the 'Roaring 20's,' it was a decade that was marked conspicuous consumption, ragtime music, flappers, speakeasies and fast automobiles.

While most people owned conservative touring cars and sedans, wealthy 'playboys' of the 1920's had two-seat sports cars which were often called speedsters or raceabouts. These earliest sports cars featured simple bodies that were light weight and sporty in design.

This 1921 Daniels is an example of such a car. Built in Reading, Pennsylvania, it is powered by a 464 cubic-inch V8 engine that produced 90 horsepower. The crankcase is made of cast aluminum and the cylinder blocks are cast iron. The radiator is made of German silver. The body construction is framed in wood, which provides the inner structure and strength. The wood frame work is covered with a sheet metal overlay. This construction method was very typical during the 1920's.

The body style on this rare Daniels was called the Submarine Speedster and has several design features and accents that would normally be found on sporting boats of the period. Only 100 Submarine Speedsters were built by Daniels and this example is the only one known to exist today.
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