2007 Zap Xebra

2007 Zap Xebra
Speed: Úp to 40 mph (65 km/ph)
Range: Úp to 25 miles per charge (40km) *
Úp to 40 miles per day with opportunity charging; Energy to charge 4.75 kwh
Charger: Onboard 110 Volt AC
Motor: DC
Seating: Úp to 4 (Max 500 lbs.)
Battery: Lead Acid
Classification: 3 wheel motorcycle (Zero Emission Vehicle)
Dimensions: 10 Length (290 cm) x 4.66 Width (142 cm) x 5.05 Height (154 cm)
Weight: approx. 1,800 pounds
Options: Úpgraded Radio/CD, Color, Leather Seats, Xebra Car Cover, Fast Charging, Solar Electric Chargers, * Úpgraded Batteries
Colors: Ocean Blue, Zebra Flash, Kiwi Green, and Lipstick Red 2007 Zap Xebra
Riding a Xebra
Prepare yourself for a whole new driving experience. XEBRAS do not attempt to behave like
other vehicles. They are unique. They are quiet, yet agile. Imagine a world filled with silent XEBRAS instead of noisy internal combustion engines.

2007 Zap Xebra
The ZAP XEBRA is the offspring of more than three decades of thought and evolution. This vehicle was created as a breed by itself. Because the use and purpose of electric vehicles are different than gas cars, the wheel did indeed need to be reinvented.

2007 Zap Xebra
No Tailpipe, just plug it in!
Even after counting emissions from electric generating plants, XEBRAS produce 98% fewer pollutants than gas cars.

2007 Zap Xebra
It's Electric!
Laugh at high oil prices, in fact, forget about gas stations, oil spills, and fumes - forever! A XEBRAs appetite is meager. And you can recharge it at any electrical outlet.

Source - ZAP

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