1949 Crosley Station Wagon

1949 Crosley Station Wagon 1949 Crosley Station Wagon
Chassis #: CD101644
Sold for $27,500 at 2006 Gooding & Company Pebble Beach Auction.
Crosley added the station wagon and panel truck to their 1948 model lineup. The station wagon proved to be very popular and accounted for 90 percent of their production. The wagon was of all-steel-bodied construction which meant it beat Plymouth to the market by a year and making them the first marque to construct this type of wagon.

America was enjoying the station wagons of the late 1940s. World War II had come to a close and the public were eager to get re-acquainted with the vast terrain and the many newly constructed highways. The public was leaning towards large automobiles that could take full advantage of the enormous country and the large roads. This meant that not many Crosely automobiles were produced for 1949. Only 8939 Crosleys were sold and was a clear indication of the demands of the American public.

Crosley tried to inspire sales by introducing a new engine that had a Cast iron Block Assembly which meant a reduced weight with improved durability. The prices of the vehicles were lowered but this had little affect on the production numbers.

This 1949 Crosley Station Wagon is has seating for four and weighs just over 1160 lbs. It was purchased for just $470 when new and was later fitted with wood paneling. Since new it has been treated to a comprehensive restoration and has been restored back to factory specifications. It is equipped with the CIBA engine and a three-speed manual gearbox. The driver is firmly in control of all 26 horses that the engine produces and the 4-wheel mechanical disc brakes are strong enough to bring the car to a stop. There were only a few Crosley's that were given disc brakes as owners complained about the squealing noise that they made. In response, Crosley replaced them in factor of nine-inch hydraulic drums.

This car was offered for sale at the 2006 Gooding & Company Auction held in Pebble Beach, Ca. It was offered without reserve and estimated to sell for $20,000-$25,000. The car did find a new owner for just over the estimated value, selling at $27,500.

By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2007

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1949 Station Wagon
1949 Crosley Station Wagon Base Price : $470

Model Year Production

1954Ford (1,165,942)Chevrolet (1,143,561)Plymouth (463,148)
1953Chevrolet (1,346,475)Ford (1,247,542)Plymouth (650,451)
1952Chevrolet (818,142)Ford (671,733)Plymouth (396,000)6,614
1951Chevrolet (1,229,986)Ford (1,013,381)Plymouth (611,000)6,614
1950Chevrolet (1,498,590)Ford (1,208,912)Plymouth (610,954)6,792
1949Ford (1,118,308)Chevrolet (1,010,013)Plymouth (520,385)7,431
1948Chevrolet (696,449)Ford (430,198)Plymouth (412,540)26,239
1947Chevrolet (671,546)Ford (429,674)Plymouth (382,290)19,344
1946Ford (468,022)Chevrolet (398,028)Plymouth (264,660)4,999

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