1932 Ford Model A Mexican Racer

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1932 Ford Model A Mexican Racer 1932 Ford Model A Mexican Racer 1932 Ford Model A Mexican Racer Sold for $46,750 at 2007 Vintage Motor Cars at Amelia Island.
Sold for $44,000 at 2008 Vintage Motor Cars of Hershey by RM Auctions.
This 1932 Ford Model A Five Window Coupe Mexican Race Car was offered for sale at the 2007 RM Auctions held in Amelia Island, Florida. It was offered without reserve and estimated to sell between $50,000 - $70,000. The car was formerly in the possession of the 52nd Mexican President and used by his son in racing competition. It is powered by a 221 cubic-inch, L-Head V8 engine and mated to a three-speed manual gearbox. There are four-wheel mechanically actuated drum brakes.

This car has a very unique and colorful history and one that it wears proudly on its un-restored body. It was special ordered by the former President of Mexico, Chief Commander Roquen Gonzalez Garza. His presidency began in 1915 and transpired during a difficult point in the countries history. As such, he was forced into exile.

Upon his return to Mexico in 1920, he had this car specially built with a larger rear window. It was used by him for a number of years before he passed it along to his son. The son had it modified and entered it into sanctioned and unsanctioned events throughout Mexico and southern Texas. The car provided many podium finishes for its owner.

The car was passed onto the son's son, who placed the car into storage. It remained there for many years before being discovered and treated to a mechanical restoration and modifications. Modifications included an Edelbrock cylinder head, Edelbrock intake manifold, and two downdraft Stromberg carburetors. Other modifications include a heavy-duty clutch, a three-speed manual gearbox, and updated components.

At the auction, the car was one of the highlights of the show. Its history and un-restored body showed infinite possibilities and potential. Bidding was lively and drove the selling price just under the estimated value of the vehicle. The vehicle found a new home at $46,750.

In 2008, this car was brought to the 2nd Annual Vintage Motor Cars of Hershey presented by RM Auctions where it was estimated to sell for $50,000-$70,000. It was offered without reserve. A high bid of $44,000 including buyer's premium was enough to secure new ownership. The lot was sold.

By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2008

1932 Ford Model A Mexican Racer

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