1972 Alfa Romeo Berlina 2000

The 1750 Series became the 2000 Series when the four-cylinder engine was given an increase in bore dimensions for 1972. The result was a displacement size of 1962 cc and 129 horsepower. The European engines had two Weber sidedraft carburetors while the other engines were given Spica fuel injection system.

The 2000 Series was available as a Spider Veloce, GT Veloce, and Berlina. The Spider Veloce was a 2-seater roadster that sold for $5,250. The GT Veloce 2+2 Coupe sold for $4,950 while the Berlina Sedan with seating for five sold for $4,250. The Berlina has the same body as its 1750 predecessor.

The Berlina would be available through 1974. Each were fitted with the same 1962cc four-cylinder engine as the Spider Convertible.

By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2011

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1972 Berlina 2000
1972 Alfa Romeo Berlina 2000 Base Price : $4,950

Model Year Production

#1#2#3Alfa Romeo
1977Chevrolet (2,543,153)Toyota (1,884,260)Ford (1,840,427)201,118
1976Chevrolet (2,103,862)Toyota (1,884,260)Ford (1,861,537)201,145
1975Chevrolet (1,755,773)Toyota (1,714,836)Ford (1,569,608)189,682
1974Chevrolet (2,333,839)Ford (2,179,791)Renault (1,355,799)189,682
1973Chevrolet (2,579,509)Ford (2,349,815)Fiat (1,390,251)204,902
1972Chevrolet (2,420,564)Ford (2,246,563)Fiat (1,368,216)140,595
1971Ford (2,054,351)Chevrolet (1,830,319)Volkswagen (1,128,784)140,595
1970Ford (2,096,184)Chevrolet (1,451,305)Volkswagen (1,193,853)99,220
1969Chevrolet (2,092,947)Ford (1,826,777)Volkswagen (1,241,580)99,220
1968Chevrolet (2,139,290)Ford (1,753,334)Volkswagen (1,191,854)99,220
1967Chevrolet (2,206,639)Ford (1,730,224)Toyota (1,068,321)59,971

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