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2008 Bitter Vero

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The Bitter Vero is based on the Holden Statesman V8 and is basically a longer wheelbase Pontiac G8 with many refinements. It is the handwork of Erich Bitter, an individual who had a brief racing career and is well known for importing Italian cars into Germany. He began producing cars that bore his own name after Intermeccanica, his largest customer, production decreased. He resume includes helping Intermeccanica to create the Indra, a brand of vehicles that was based on the Opel and would later serve as the groundwork for his Bitter vehicles. Bitter produced vehicles from 1973 through 1989 using General Motors parts; since then several prototypes have been created with production resuming in 2007. Many had though that production would have begun a few years prior, after the CD II concept was unveiled at the 2003 General Motors Show. It was a car based on the Holden Monaro and Pontiac GTO. It was rumored that a Cadillac V12 may have been one of the engine options to lurk under the bonnet.

Things were quiet from the Bitter factory for a few years, before the unveiling of the latest Bitter vehicle. A select group of media were invited to witness the unveiling of the Bitter Vero four-door grand tourer. The car is based on a Holden with a very large powerplant mounted in the engine bay. It is very similar to the Holden Statesman, with a few distinguishable aesthetic changes such as the frontal area. There is large and low mounted grille that is decorated with the Bitter logo. Beneath the bonnet is a six-liter GM V8 engine that is rated at 360 horsepower. It is an advanced and lightweight engine constructed from aluminum and mated to an automatic gearbox. Anywhere from a four, five, or six speed is likely. To handle the engine, the suspension and braking system have been properly upgraded.

The interior of the Vero is comfortable and luxurious. To complete the package there is a sticker price of over $170,000 US. Currently there are no dealer networks setup, so all orders must go through Bitter in Germany.

By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2007

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