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2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK Class

The 2007 Mercedes-Benz line of CLK coupes and cabriolets features two new V8-powered models – the CLK550 and the high-performance CLK63 AMG – as well as a new Sport package that sharpens both the appearance and performance of the V6-powered CLK350.

Replacing the 302-horsepower CLK500, the 2007-model CLK550 is powered by a new 5.5-liter V8 engine delivering 382 horsepower and 391 lb.-ft. of torque. Featuring four-valve-per-cylinder and variable valve timing, the new-generation V8 made its first appearance in the all-new 2007 S-Class. Available in both coupe and Cabriolet form, the new CLK550 provides 27 percent more power.

AMG Racing Success Spawns High-Power Production Engine

Marking the debut of the first engine developed entirely by AMG, the 2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Cabriolet replaces the CLK55 AMG and is one of five new Mercedes-Benz models powered by the new 6.3-liter V8, which in the CLK63 AMG Cabriolet produces 475 horsepower and 465 lb.-ft. of torque.

One of the most powerful naturally aspirated production V8s ever, the new engine boasts a wealth of exciting features derived from AMG's highly successful racing efforts. Built almost completely from a high-strength silicon-aluminum alloy, the new 6.3-liter features four valves per cylinder, double overhead camshafts with variable valve timing, bucket tappets (rather than rocker arms), an 11.3-to 1 compression ratio and a variable intake manifold.

A first for a production engine, the cylinder bores feature a twin-wire-arc-sprayed (TWAS) coating, a new process that results in impressively low friction and running surfaces that are twice as hard as conventional cast-iron cylinders. AMG engineers designed the 6.3-liter engine block with an especially rigid bedplate at the main bearings, cast-in steel reinforcements and a sturdy closed-deck layout beside the cylinder head. The engine shares no parts with Mercedes-Benz V8 engines. The new 6.3 AMG engine revs freely to more than 7,000 rpm, yet already produces nearly 90 percent of its peak torque at only 2,000 rpm.

Breathtaking Design and Performance Define CLK-Class

The CLK line can be identified by a now-signature Mercedes coupe/roadster design that places the three-pointed star in the center of a low, three-bar grill, and what appear to be four lights are actually two ellipses that form a single unit on each side. The CLK Cabriolet's ability to carry four people and their luggage helps the car succeed in a market segment that has seen some other luxury Cabriolets disappear.

The Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class offers five fun-to-drive 2007 Coupe and Cabriolet models in the U.S. market. The CLK350 Coupe and Cabriolet are powered by a 268-horsepower, 3.5-liter V6 engine which propels the car from 0-60 mph in just 6.4 (Coupe) and 6.7 (Cabriolet) seconds. The new V8 in the CLK550 can accelerate the Coupe from 0-60 mph in just 5.1 (Cabriolet 5.2) seconds.

With its hand-built AMG V8, 0-to-60-mph times for the limited-production CLK63 AMG Cabriolet are well under five seconds. The CLK63 AMG runs on 'staggered' wheels and tires, with 7½ x 18 wheels and 225 / 40 ZR 18 tires up front as well as 8½ x 18 wheels and 255 / 35 ZR 18 tires at the rear. To balance its added performance, the CLK63 AMG has a sport suspension and more powerful compound brakes.

Available on the CLK350 and CLK550, the new Sport package features exclusive 10-spoke 17' wheels, shorter springs for a slightly lower ride height and sport shocks for crisper handling as well as perforated brake discs and brake calipers that wear the Mercedes-Benz script. The interior is trimmed in black ash wood and black carpets and includes a special instrument cluster complete with white gauges.

High-End Luxury In Mid-Luxury Cabriolets And Coupes
All CLK models come with a stylishly sporty and well-appointed interior. The lines of the dashboard are complemented by its soft-touch surface, providing a luxurious feel and high-quality appearance.

The instrument panel uses an aesthetically pleasing mix of analog gauges and vertical LCD bar graphs for the fuel gauge and the coolant temperature.

When front occupants close their doors, an electric motor on each side extends an arm that holds the seat belt buckle, making it easier for the occupants to reach them. The belt presenters retract once the seat belts are buckled or after a pre-set time has passed.

Standard luxury features include digital dual-zone automatic climate control with a sun sensor to optimize air distribution. The 10-way adjustable power front seats are unique to the CLK line and automatically shift forward when the seatback is tipped forward to allow easier access to the rear seats.

The CLK steering wheel is power-adjustable for tilt and reach. Rocker buttons on its spokes provide an easy and convenient way to control many of the car's systems, and the display in the center of the speedometer allows the driver to view the selected radio station, a personal phone book or navigation instructions when COMAND system with DVD navigation is installed.

Rain-sensing intermittent windshield wipers and entrance lights add an extra layer of luxury that helps take some of the stress out of daily driving. The two-tiered glove box accommodates the optional six-disc CD changer, leaving a lower shelf for personal items, and the center console houses two cup-holders and a storage compartment.

High-Tech Optional Features
Complete with a high-pressure water jet wash system, high-intensity bi-xenon headlights with active curve illumination feature dynamic adjusters that change the beam angle in response to the car's body movement, helping avoid glare for oncoming traffic.

COMAND display integrates controls for DVD-based navigation, the audio system and cellular telephone. Other features, including Keyless-Go, iPod integration kit, ventilated seats, an electronic trunk closer and a wood/leather steering wheel, bring even more premium-level luxury to the CLK.

Thoroughbred Chassis
The fun-to-drive CLK line uses a strut front suspension with split lower links, coil springs, twin-tube gas shocks and a stabilizer bar. Using two lower links (rather than one large control arm) can provide better energy absorption in a frontal impact. The rear suspension is the latest version of the patented five-link design used on all Mercedes cars.

Rack and pinion steering delivers precise, direct feel and response while providing an additional safety benefit – the steering rack is mounted on a deformable aluminum subframe so it doesn't impede absorption of crash energy. The CLK also features speed-sensitive parameter steering, which provides ample power-steering assist for easier parking and low-speed maneuvers, then reduces the boost at speed for better road feel.

The CLK line features a full array of standard Mercedes active safety innovations such as ESP stability control, ABS anti-lock brakes, straight-line ASR traction control, and Brake Assist. The latest Mercedes-Benz safety technology includes dual-stage front air bags, front side air bags and, on coupe models, window curtain air bags. Cabriolets are equipped with head/thorax side bags in the front. If an occupant in the front passenger seat is the less than the weight of a typical 12-year-old child in a standard child restraint, the sensors automatically turn off the front passenger air bag.

If any of the CLK's air bags or seatbelt tensioners deploy, the standard Tele Aid system automatically calls an emergency response center over a dedicated cellular line with redundant antennas. If needed, emergency response can be summoned immediately, with full information on the car model and color as well as exact vehicle location (via GPS satellite transponders), for quick recognition by emergency services.

Source - Mercedes-Benz
2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK Class vehicle information


Chassis Num: WDBTJ77HX8F237570

This Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series is one of 349 examples imported into the United States. Power is from an AMG 6.2-liter dual overhead cam 32 valve V-8 engine mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission with AMG speedshift. It has a high perfor....[continue reading]

2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK Class vehicle information


Chassis Num: WDBTJ77HX8F237214

The Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series were high-performance cars based on the existing CLK 63 AMG but nearly 100 pounds lighter, more aggressive, and more potent. Carbon-fiber components were used inside and out, including lightweight carbon-fibe....[continue reading]

Chassis #: WDBTJ77HX8F237570 
Chassis #: WDBTJ77HX8F237214 

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