1930 MG 1212 Brookland Racer

1930 MG 1212 Brookland Racer 1930 MG 1212 Brookland Racer 1930 MG 1212 Brookland Racer
On May 9, 1930, five 'Double-Twelve' MG Midgets started off on a grueling 24-hour race at the famed Brooklands track in England. Their opponents were from manufacturers with lengthy and established racing experience, and the weather was typically British - nasty! Before many hours had passed, it became apparent that the MG Midgets were lapping with amazing regularity, and one of the little cars managed a lap at a stunning 72.45 mph in a downpour. At the end of the second 12 hours of racing, the five Midgets were among the 27 cars that finished, with the highest-placing car having covered 1445.63 miles at an average speed of 60.23 mph. This car is the final one of nineteen replicas built after the Brooklands race, and is one of four known to exist today.
In 1930 MG entered five 'Double-Twelve' Model MG Midgets in a 24-hour grueling race at the Brooklands track in England. Their competition was from around five dozen various other vehicles, with most coming from automakers that were seasoned, having a long history or racing and car production. Their other obstacle that day was the weather, which was very poor, cold, wet, and windy. To everyone's surprise, the weather did not seem to bother the little MG cars, and the cars ran a very consistent high-speed race the entire event. Their small stature and narrow tires seemed best fitted for the weather; the larger cars often lost their footing which meant they had to travel much slower to avoid an accident.

The MG cars ran flawlessly at Brooklands, only requiring pit stops to refuel or change drivers. The five MG Midgets entered finished in 14th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th. The 14th place car had averaged 60.23 mph and had traveled an astonishing 1445.6 miles.

In recognition of these accomplishments, MG created 19 replicas of the 12-12 cars that ran at Brooklands. These two-seaters conformed to International Road Racing regulations and had nearly identical lines to their racing siblings. They were fitted with a special windscreen with Triplex glass which could be folded forward. The exterior was finished in a color combination of brown and cream and the interior was clothed in leather.

By Daniel Vaughan | Mar 2008

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