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2002 Chevrolet Avalanche


2002 Chevrolet Avalanche
The all-new Avalanche takes the best attributes of GM's award-winning full-size truck family and adds a new look and a technical breakthrough with its Convert-A-Cab system featuring the exclusive Midgate. Avalanche defies convention with its bold, striking looks and innovative, clever configuration abilities.

The vehicle's unique blend of features and functions has inspired a new truck category, which Chevy Truck has termed the Últimate Útility Vehicle (ÚÚV) segment. Yet at the same time, Avalanche upholds the heritage that has made Chevy Trucks the most dependable, longest-lasting trucks on the market. Combining the power of the 285-hp Vortec 5300 V8 engine and a three-section frame with hydroformed front and rear rails, Avalanche offers uncompromising brawn and stamina. It also seats up to six adults comfortably.

'There are two things that make the Avalanche stand out from the competition: the freedom and flexibility provided for passengers and cargo, and the speed at which buyers can reconfigure the vehicle to meet their needs,' said Ed Schoener, Avalanche brand manager. 'In addition, Avalanche takes some of the finest attributes of the Chevy Suburban, including its power and suspension componentry, and adds the spirit of innovation and an expressive new design.'

In a cue borrowed from the 1968 Chevrolet Corvette, Avalanche's rear window is removable and can easily be stowed on board, creating a convertible-like open-air driving experience.

In addition, Chevy Truck will bring two new Avalanche models to market, the Avalanche 2500 Series and the Avalanche North Face Edition. Both versions of the Avalanche will broaden the scope of the vehicle to meet more specialized consumer needs.

The most notable difference in the Avalanche 2500 Series will be the power under the hood. While the 1500 version of the Avalanche supplies ample 285 horsepower in a 5.3-liter V8, the 2500 Series will use the new Vortec 8100. This new Vortec engine, which has received high praise for its use in the all-new Silverado HD pickup, will be mated with a 4L85 automatic transmission with overdrive and tow haul mode. It will achieve 340 horsepower.

The North Face Edition Avalanche will have unique features intended to please outdoor enthusiasts. The exclusive interior will have green and black seats, door trim panels, floor mats with The North Face logo, and a white instrument cluster. Sage Green, an exterior color, will be unique to the North Face Edition, with Sunset Orange, Onyx, Black, Pewter and Summit White available as well. Also included are two Summit Pod backpacks, as well as Water Duffalo storage bags, which will initially be exclusive to Avalanche.

Avalanche's unique attributes include:

Midgate — Avalanche's revolutionary Convert-a-Cab System and industry-exclusive Midgate offers great flexibility and function. When the rear passenger seat is folded, the Midgate can be lowered to allow longer and larger cargo. When folding down, the Midgate allows the 5'3' standard bed length to convert to a full 8'1', long enough to carry 4' x 8' sheets of plywood.

Three-piece rigid cargo cover — Interlocking panels can be used to cover and protect the cargo box and its contents from the elements.

Removable rear window — The rear window can be removed and stored in the Midgate, providing the capability to carry larger items such as a personal watercraft when the tailgate is closed.

Lockable Top-Box Storage — Two Top-Box Storage compartments on either side of the cargo box provide a combined 3.5 cubic feet of lockable storage space. The compartments also have drains, so they can be filled with ice and used as coolers.

PRO-TEC composite — Portions of the Avalanche Midgate and tailgate are made of GM's new PRO-TEC composite materials. The composite material is exceptionally durable, and resists dings, scratches and dents.

Like many new full-size Chevy trucks, Avalanche features:

Vortec V8 power, in this case with the potent and durable Vortec 5300 V8 engine
A modular, three-piece frame incorporating a number of hydroformed components for precise dimensional control as well as excellent strength and stiffness
A multi-link coil rear suspension for well-balanced ride and handling
A comprehensive package of security features, including all-belts-to-seats restraints at front outboard positions, side air bags and standard four-wheel disc antilock brakes
Autotrac computer-operated transfer case to help with driving under most road conditions, standard with four-wheel-drive models
Fuel efficiency and a generously sized fuel tank will offer a cruising range of more than 500 miles
The three all-new Avalanche models will offer unparalleled truck innovation and add to an impressive lineup of Chevy Trucks. Avalanche takes the best of the pickups and the best of the SÚVs to offer an innovative, clever, adaptable truck that will take the market by storm in 2002.

Two separate accessory packages and several individual accessories designed specifically for Avalanche offer customers personalization opportunities to fit their specific lifestyles.

Combining the best elements of a pickup truck and a sport utility vehicle, Avalanche creates its own unique niche – the Últimate Útility Vehicle (ÚÚV) segment. Avalanche has the ability to switch from a sport utility to a pickup truck with an eight-foot cargo box for multiple task versatility. The protection and appearance accessory packages offer owners the opportunity to do even more.

2002 Chevrolet Avalanche
'Featuring flexibility, dependability and ruggedness to meet lifestyle needs, both packages offer challenge-seeking individuals the ability to adapt and engage in activities that satisfy their can-do attitude toward adventurous outdoor endeavors,' said Jim Kornas, director sales and marketing-accessories, GM Service Parts Operations (SPO).

2002 Chevrolet Avalanche
The protection package includes:

A molded hood protector to repel road debris and insects
Vent visors to keep out rain and snow when windows are slightly opened and to reduce glare for a cooler interior
Design-specific molded splash guards, that resist chipping, cracking or tearing and withstand extreme temperatures to help protect the vehicle from mud, dirt, snow, salt, and gravel
The appearance package includes a roof rack for extra versatile cargo space that allows consumers to add a variety of enhancements on to their vehicles. An optional bike carrier mounts to the roof rack with quick release attachments, making loading and unloading a snap.

An optional soft luggage carrier easily attaches to the cross rails of the roof rack for extra storage. Attractive ground-effect-styled assist steps help provide convenient entrance and exit. The extruded aluminum support structure provides added stability and durability for heavy load-bearing capacity.

A self-contained camping tent fits snugly into the truck bed. The tent has water-resistant vents covering three large meshed windows that allow for excellent ventilation and rain protection. The lightweight tent is roomy enough to sleep two adults and fits into a small carrying pouch for convenient storage.

A variety of additional Avalanche accessories are also available. A second row seat liner helps protects seats with maximum coverage when transporting pets, plants and messy cargo. An easy-to-use bed extender helps secure loads that are longer than the cargo bed.

For use inside the vehicle, a mobile office organizer secures laptops, binders, and books, making note taking easier. This organizer features a slide-out writing surface, hanging file storage, and a large desktop area. A seat-belt restraint holds the organizer in place.

'GM accessories permanently installed on new GM vehicles at the time of delivery are covered under the GM New Vehicle Limited Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty,' says Kornas. 'GM Parts and Accessories permanently installed by a GM dealer after vehicle purchase also are covered for the balance of the New Vehicle Warranty, but in any event no less than 12 months or 12,000 miles.'

All Avalanche lifestyle accessory packages and individual additional accessories will be available for purchase through Chevrolet dealerships beginning in spring of 2001.

Source - GM Corporation

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