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2009 Ssang Yong C200 Concept

SsangYong Motor Unveils the C200, an Environment-Friendly Compact SUV Concept Car, at the Paris Motor Show

At the Paris Motor Show SsangYong unveils the 'C200,' an environmental-friendly compact SÚV concept car that will mark a milestone in the company's plan to expand its lineup as a part of its mid- to long-term strategy.

The new concept car of SsangYong Motor has been named 'C200' to convey its characteristics: Compact, City, and Convenience. SsangYong Motor has effectively leveraged its advanced design competencies to create a design that exudes a young and urban image.

The 'C200' offers reliable performance by adopting a six-speed manual transmission and a 2,000cc diesel engine with 175 horsepower. It also employs SsangYong Motor's intelligent cutting-edge four wheel drive technology, thereby realizing optimal driving performance. It is also an environmental-friendly model that satisfies CO2 emissions standards as well as the EÚRO V, which refers to the latest European environmental regulations. It will set a standard for urban compact SÚVs, based on its top-level performance and environment-friendliness.

2009 Ssang Yong C200 Concept
The 'C200' concept car, which is a futuristic compact SÚV, is a symbolic model that marks a milestone in SsangYong Motor's plan to expand its product lineup, which will fully commence in 2010, based on the company's mid- to long-term vision.

The mid- to long-term plan of SsangYong Motor is to diversify its product lineup, which is currently focused on frame-type rear-wheel-drive models. Its plan is to begin with an addition to its product lineup of a front-wheel-drive urban compact SÚV that is based on a newly developed power train and monocoque body. The 'C200' is more than just a concept car to SsangYong Motor because it is performing a pivotal role in the company's efforts to expand its lineup to include monocoque-based models by moving away from the current line-up that is focused on the frame-type models.

The 'C200' has been designed based on an urban style concept by adding the unique 'stylishness and progressiveness' of SsangYong Motor to the elegant and highly sophisticated characteristics of SsangYong Motor's models currently available on the market.

This implies that SsangYong Motor has taken a step further from its former progressive and unique design characteristics. SsangYong Motor has added more female, city-oriented, and modern elements to its existing progressive and futuristic design characteristics.

The 'C200' is designed to accommodate the needs of people living in the city, emphasizing comfortableness, elegance, and enhanced use of space. It features a sharp and agile shape that is in line with the image of young city drivers who are always looking for something new and more than willing to take on interesting new challenges. The vehicle also employs a center fascia design that symbolizes SsangYong Motor's passion for four-wheel-drive SÚVs and that clearly expresses what customer segment the vehicle is targeting.

Vital Stats and Specifications
Vital Stats
Engine : 2.0 L., 4-cylinder
Power: 175 hp
Torque: 273 ft-lbs

6-speed Manual
The 'C200' is a compact SÚV with a total length of 4,400mm. Its competitors consist of the Toyota's RAV-4, Honda's CR-V, and Nissan's Rogue. It has a 2,640mm wheelbase, which is longer than that of Volkswagen's Tiguan (2,604mm), the most popular model in the class. By applying this wheelbase, SsangYong Motor has ensured a higher level of soft and agile handling of the vehicle compared to other European models. The vehicle also guarantees top-notch performance by employing a suspension that is most suitable for the driving conditions in Europe, the most advanced full-time four wheel drive system, and a six-speed manual transmission. (posted on

The aluminum suspension makes the vehicle lighter. The vehicle is designed to have a low center of gravity compared to its competitor models to offer optimal handling, thereby guaranteeing a maximum level of driving performance. The 'C200' ensures an outstanding level of performance and quality, based on the various cutting-edge technologies of SsangYong Motor. The company plans to develop the vehicle into a strategic global model that can compete head-on with competitor models in the global small-sized SÚV market, which is experiencingheated competition.

2009 Ssang Yong C200 Concept
Furthermore, the 'C200' is an environment-friendly model that satisfies the CO2 emissions standards and EÚRO V, the latest environmental regulations in Europe. The 'C200,' which has been designed based on SsangYong Motor's new cutting-edge power train, is expected to exceed all of the city drivers' needs for exquisiteness and powerful driving experience, through its outstanding level of performance and environmental-friendliness.

SsangYong Motor will make official its plan to expand the company's lineup at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. SsangYong Motor will transform itself into one of the global leaders in product development, production, sales, and services by the time of the release of the 'C200,' which offers the very best of performance, design, and environment-friendliness.

The 'C200' brings together dynamic and progressive elements, embodying the long history, traditions, and innovative experimental spirit of SsangYong Motor. It will become a trendsetter in various aspects by offering optimal performance, a perfectly balanced shape, and stylish exterior as well as interior. It is forecast that the vehicle will fully establish itself as SsangYong Motor's new strategic model.

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