1937 Horch 853

August Horch was born in Winningen in 1868 and received a technical education at engineering school, followed by employment at a marine engine manufacturer in Leipzig. This was followed by a job managing Karl Benz's motor works at Mannheim. He later left to seek financial backing to fund his own venture and his first automobile was built in 1900. It was powered by a front-mounted, twin-cylinder engine and had a shaft-driven rear axle. Over the years, later four- and six-cylinder models followed. After conflict and differences with his directors arose, August was forced to depart from the company that bore his name, in 1909. He left and founded Audi.

In 1923, Paul Daimler (the son of Gottleib) was hired as Chief Engineer and the first Horch he was responsible for was the 3.2-liter, double-overhead-camshaft, straight-eight engined Model 300. After Daimler left Horch, he was replaced by Fritz Fiedler of BMW fame, who designed a single-overhead-cam straight-eight for the Horch 450. This was followed by a 6-liter V-12 powered model 600 and 670 in 1931 and the 3.5-liter 830B with V8 power in 1933.

During the 1930s, Horch produced a plethora of model variations, which had various engine sizes, wheelbase and coachwork styles. In 1932, Horch became part of the Auto Union which included Audi, Wanderer, and DKW.

The 4.9-liter Type 853 was introduced for 1936. It had a Fiedler-designed, single overhead camshaft, ten-bearing straight-eight engine mated to a four-speed gearbox. It had a well built and solid chassis with servo-assisted hydraulic brakes. The bodies were built to the highest standards and given the finest leathers and materials.

During its production lifespan, which continued up to the outbreak of war, just 950 of the 853/853a were built. When peace resumed and World War II came to a close, Horch's Zwickau factory was on the eastern side of a divided Germany. These factories were eventually put into service to manufacture the Trabant.

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August Horch began producing vehicles with Karl Benz prior to 1899, after which he began building vehicles under his own name, August Horch %26 Cie. In 1909, after disputes with shareholders, he departed from his company and founded Audi, which is the Latin translation of his surname. The production of the Horch automobile continued without their founder using his name. In the early part of the....
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1937 Vehicle Profiles

1937 Horch 853 vehicle information


Dr. August Horch was an engineer for the Benz Company in Mannheim from 1896 to 1899, after which he resigned to found his own company in 1900. His initial car is regarded as the first German vehicle with a shaft-driven rear axle. As time passed, most....[continue reading]

1937 Horch 853 vehicle information

Sport Cabriolet
Coachwork: Glaser

Chassis Num: 853509

August Horch began building motorcars in 1899 and engineered many groundbreaking designs before leaving his namesake company in 1909 to set up Audi - which was later sold back to Horch, which then traded with DKW and Wanderer as Auto union. Productio....[continue reading]

1937 Horch 853 vehicle information

Spezial Streamlined Coupe

Chassis Num: 853433

Bernd Rosemeyer drove Auto Union's mid-engined 'Silver Arrow' to victories at the German, Swiss, and Italian Grand Prix races which earned him the European driver's championship that year. In 1937, he drove an Auto Union to four of the five victories....[continue reading]

Sport Cabriolet by Glaser
Chassis #: 853509 
Spezial Streamlined Coupe
Chassis #: 853433 

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