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2009 Reiter Murciélago R-GT

The Lamborghini Murcielago is a suitable car for both road and track and in both arenas it has been successful. Since the Lamborghini has been racing in the FIA GT1 category, Reiter Engineering has decided to build a similar version capable of traveling the streets.

At the 2008 Essen Motor Show, the German firm Reiter Engineering, displayed their road-worthy lightweight track car. The full list of modifications are still unknown, but there are several obvious upgrades. The car is riding on Black O.Z. Racing Wheels, has a carbon-fiber spoiler in the front and a new diffuser and spoiler in the rear. Also in the rear is a set of dual exhaust outlets that are mounted high, near the cars lights.

The car on display at Essen was a prototype - a one-off version to showcase Reiter Engineering's capabilities and their vision of what a true road-going supercar breed from track might resemble.

By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2008

The name

The name

In the late afternoon of October 5th 1879, after a fierce fight in the arena of Cordoba, a bull named Murciélago from Joaquin del Val di Navarras farm, had his life spared by the famous matador Rafael Molina Lagartijo.This was a very rare occurrence in bullfighting, and an honour accorded only to those bulls that have shown exceptional courage and spirit in the arena. And Murciélago was indeed....
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