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2010 Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeo

Launch of the GranTurismo MC Trofeo

Maserati wrote the first glorious chapter in its history in the world of motor racing: from its foundation in 1914, until construction of the first pure Maserati, the Tipo 26 dated 1926. Since then, Maserati has always produced single-seaters and sports cars that have left their mark on the most prestigious races thanks to the great performance, versatility and reliability that still characterizes all Maserati vehicles today.

The list of honors is a long one, and includes two wins at the Indianapolis 500, in 1939 and ‘40 wîth Wilbur Shaw driving an 8CTF Boyle Special, two F1 World Championship wins wîth Juan Manuel Fangio in 1954 and 1957 in a Maserati 250F, not to mention the long series of successes notched up by the Maserati MC12 GT1, that has won ten titles and three Spa 24-hour races in the FIA GT championship since 2005.

Passion, spectacle, exclusivity and entertainment. Four words that sum up the essence of the new GranTurismo MC Trofeo, to be launched in 2010. On the strength of its experience in the previous editions of Trofeo Europa, Maserati is now able to offer racing enthusiasts and 'gentlemen drivers' among its customers a championship that is the only one of its kind on the international motor racing scene.

The GranTurismo MC Trofeo has preserved the same organizational formula that contributed to the success of previous editions. By enrolling in the championship, drivers will acquire a package of services including all technical and organizational aspects. Drivers can enter as individual competitors, or wîth a team mate.

Beginning in April 2010, the Trofeo will be held on seven dates wîth two 40-minute races, at Europe's most prestigious circuits, wîth two 40-minutes races per event.

Preview of the GranTurismo MC TrofeoThe Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeo was created on the back of the GranTurismo MC Concept, a vehicle developed on the basis of the highly successful road going model, the GranTurismo S. Maserati Corse technicians have taken the standard vehicle, made it much lighter and optimized its dynamics, while maintaining the reliability of components in the engine, gearbox and transmission. (posted on

Thanks to a remapped ECÚ, the use of a racing-grade exhaust system and the application of a specific air filter, the power of the V8 4.691cc engine rises to 330.9Kw (450CV), wîth torque of 510 Nm at 4750 rpm. The gearbox is the standard electro-actuated one.

The vehicle is fitted wîth racing-type single set dampers and special wheels - 11'x18' at the front and 13'x18' at the rear, on which wide-section tires have been fitted to enhance the car's performance. The braking system (no ABS) consists of mono-bloc calipers and steel discs.

Maserati leads the FIA GT Driver and Team rankings

The International FIA GT Championship season is drawing to a close, wîth the Maserati teams putting in an outstanding performance. Bertolini/Bartels are at the top of the driver's ranking wîth 41 points (4 points ahead of their nearest rivals), thanks to two wins (Adria and Budapest), two second places (Silverstone and Oschersleben) and a fourth place (Spa-Francorchamps). Meanwhile the Müller/Ramos team has come close to winning on many occasions and is now in sixth place wîth 15 points.

A third MC12, emblazoned wîth the colors of the Vitaphone Racing Team DHL since the Spa 24-hour race, has come second on the two occasions when it made the starting grid, as was the case wîth Bobbi/Pier Guidi in Budapest. Pier Guidi is ranked fifth, wîth 16 points.

The car's competitiveness is also borne out by the number of pole positions it has achieved: four out of five races, of which the last three have been consecutive.

With three races left to go (the new event at Algarve, Paul Ricard and Zolder), the Vitaphone Racing Team – currently the top team wîth 56 points (19 more than its rivals) – and its drivers are now aiming to add to Maserati's already exceptional list of achievements, consisting of 10 titles in 4 seasons of competition in the FIA GT.

Podium debut for the GranTurismo MC

The second phase of the GT4 European Cup saw the début of the new Maserati GranTurismo MC, the car chosen by Maserati to continue its international motor racing tradition. The new car immediately produced a convincing performance at Spa and Zolder, races where the GranTurismo MC won second, third, fourth and sixth places.

The new GT4 was prepared for the race by AF Corse, a team that introduced the MC12 in 2004, which won several races. It was driven by Lorenzo Casé, supported at Spa by Cédric Sbirrazzuoli from Monaco.

The first deliveries of the GranTurismo MC, sold through Maserati Corse at a basic price of €135,000 plus VAT, are expected in November 2009.

A world-record anniversary

September 28 marks the eightieth anniversary of Maserati's first world record. On September 28, 1929, in Cremona, the legendary driver Bakunin Borzacchini set world land speed record over the flying 10 km, driving a 16-cylinder vehicle designed by Alfieri Maserati. Borzacchini achieved a speed of 246.069 kph.

Source - Maserati

Double Success for Pastorelli at Zolder

Zolder (B), 209 June, 2010 – Nicki Pastorelli did a twofer at the two Zolder (Belgium) races during the second round of the Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC. However, the Dutch driver is ‘transparent' in the standings because he is Maserati's celebrity guest.

There were fifteen cars at the starting line, thirteen of which MC Trofeos (run by Maserati Corse) and two GranTurismo MC GT4s run by private teams. As for the racers' nationalities, nine countries were represented.

During the first race of the morning Dutch driver Pastorelli, starting off from next-to-last position due to a tire change after the qualifying practices, managed nonetheless to finish first under the checkered flag, in front of Belgian driver Hommerson. The lowest step of the podium was occupied by Kris Wauters, The lead singer of the Belgian pop band 'Clouseau'. He was able to resist the attack of Enrico Moncada (fourth place), who sped up from the back. Venezuelan driver Ardagna Perez was unfortunate: he was accidentally hit by Roberto Sperati (Sperati had lost control of his car) while they were contending the first two places.

The Venezuelan made up for it in race 2, ending it in third place after an exciting duel wîth Swedish driver Peter Sundberg and while resisting the attacks of Paolo Necchi (fourth place). Pastorelli won again after a solitary race and in the last curves defended himself from Sundberg. Thanks to today's points, Sundberg becomes the leader of the standings together wîth his team-mate Steven Goldstein, who reached seventh place in race 1.

There is a new leader in the GT4 classification too. French driver Jonathan Sicart obtained two victories in the Belgian racetrack, thus unseating Stefano Gai from first place.

Vital Stats
Engine : 4.7 L., 8-cylinder
Power: 444 hp
Torque: 376 ft-lbs

6-speed Manual
Nicki Pastorelli (Trofeo): 'Race 1 was a lot of fun: I started off from the back rows because of a penalty rule regarding tire change. I began to push hard until I overcame Hommerson, who was leading the race. At that point I relaxed a bit and avoided taking further risks. Soon after that, a technical problem slowed me down, allowing Hommerson to overcome me and regain the lead. Fortunately, though, the problem was solved and I got past the finish line first.'

Jonathan Sicart (GT4): 'I am very happy about the two victories, not just for me but for the team as well. In the second race I was able to make things hard for some Trofeo cars wîth my GT4. It was very exciting. I also reached my goal: to get to the top of the championship standings.'

Tonight, Sunday, 20 June, Eurosport will air Maserati championship highlights during the Motorsports Weekend show.

The third round of the Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC is scheduled for 18 July in Brands Hatch, Great Britain. Maserati will once again organize brand-promoting activities for its customers.

Source - Maserati

Ivan Capelli scooped both pole places in the qualifying sessions ahead of the Maserati GranTurismo MC at Monza in this weekend.

Monza (I), 22 May 2010 - Ivan Capelli scooped both pole places in the qualifying sessions ahead of the Maserati GranTurismo MC at Monza in this weekend.

The ex-Formula 1 driver edged out Sergio Rota, by four thousandths, wîth Manuel Villa taking third on the grid. In the second session, Capelli held off Sundberg (winner of two Spanish GT titles and an Italian Formula 3 crown) and again Rota.

As Ivan Capelli is appearing as a guest, his performances did not win any championship points and so the first points in Maserati's single make series went to Swedish driver, Sundberg, and to Rota. This was because the new regulations see the man in pole earn one point.

Stefano Gai was the best of the GranTurismo MC GT4 drivers in both qualifying (ninth and seventh overall, respectively). His performance saw him better Alessandro Pier Guidi and Marco Coldani in the first twenty minutes and Johathan Sicart and Ronnie Kessel in Qualifying 2.

Race 1 is timed for 9.40-10.20 tomorrow wîth race 2 planned for 11.45-12.25.

Sergio Rota: 'I am happy wîth how qualifying went. In Qualifying 1, I only just missed out on pole and was beaten by Ivan Capelli. Again he showed what a great driver he is. Tomorrow's race depends on the start. The most important thing is to not crash out of the race at the first turn. We will need to be patient and if one particular driver is pacier he should win'.

Source - Maserati

Today the second round of the Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC, scheduled this weekend in Zolder (Belgium), held its two qualifying sessions for races 1 and 2, which will take place tomorrow at 11.45 am and 4.35 pm local time, respectively.

Zolder (B), 19 June, 2010 – Today the second round of the Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC, scheduled this weekend in Zolder (Belgium), held its two qualifying sessions for races 1 and 2, which will take place tomorrow at 11.45 am and 4.35 pm local time, respectively.

It could have been a double pole position for Nicky Pastorelli, who, despite obtaining the best time in both qualifying practices, has to settle for only one pole position (in race 2). Indeed, at the conclusion of the first session, the Dutch driver was relegated to the back because regulations state that when tires are changed, the car starts from the back of the starting line. Same goes for Enrico Moncada, who will start out from last row behind Pastorelli.

Therefore it will be Belgian driver Niek Hommerson in pole position in race 1. He was able to precede Italians Pietro Zumerle and Nicolò Piancastelli.

Pastorelli will depart from pole position –in front of Venezuelan driver Gaetano Ardagna Perez and Belgian driver Kris Wauters (lead singer of the pop band Clouseau)-- in the second race. Ardagna Perez will be assigned the point for the best time in this case because Pastorelli is a Maserati guest and as such is ‘transparent' and does not count as a competing driver in the standings.

Niek Hommerson: 'It's a special day for me: I was able to be the fastest one in a car I am still unfamiliar with, wîth different characteristics from the cars I'm used to driving. I wasn't as lucky in the second qualifying session: it started to rain and I didn't have enough time to warm up the tires'.

Gaetano Ardagna Perez: 'I'm not very happy wîth the first qualifying practices because my times were worse than yesterday's free practices. In the ensuing twenty minutes I was decidedly fast and I got the second best time, which gives me high hopes for tomorrow's race. The weather forecast doesn't worry me because I enjoy racing in the rain'.

Source - Maserati

The First Round of the New Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC this Weekend in Monza

The Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC, the new single-make championship from the makers of the Trident-logo racecars, is composed of seven rounds on some of the most prestigious European circuits and will start off at the Monza racetrack this weekend, concluding in Mugello on October 10th.

Twenty-two cars will vie for the trophy: 15 GranTurismo MC Trofeos (run by Maserati Corse) along wîth 7 GranTurismo MC GT4s, run by private teams, which will race in a separate special classification.
Many of the drivers who have entered the championship - from various European countries as well as from Israel - have already had the chance to familiarize themselves wîth the cars (derived from the series-production GranTurismo S) during the group tests held last April on the 24th and 25th in Vallelunga.
Attached is a list of participants in the Monza race. Emanuele Smurra, winner of the previous Trofeo in 2003, and the ex-F1 driver Ivan Capelli will be present as VIP guests. The Radio Montecarlo car wîth Paolo Ciccarone and Agnese Piazzalunga will also be there.

The formula consists of two free practice sessions on Friday (40'), two qualifying practice sessions on Saturday (20') and two races (38' + one lap) on Sunday.

Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC participation fees are 162,000 euros + VAT for the entire season (168,000 euros + VAT for teams wîth two different drivers sharing the driving) while the owners of GranTurismo GT4s may enter the race for 45,000 euros + VAT.

In Monza, as in all the championship series, Maserati will organize brand and product range promotion activities for its customers.
The car maker has also invited all its employees to Monza. They will witness the races from the stands, the best way to celebrate the start of this one-make Trident series.

As for media coverage, the specialized Italian and foreign press will be reporting for the entire season. Eurosport will air highlights of the Trofeo on Sunday night during Motorsports Weekend. Other Italian channels will broadcast reports on each race. Video clips will be available the day after each race at and

RMC, Radio Montecarlo is the Trofeo's Media Partner, wîth shows focusing on each round, included in the weekly broadcasts of RMC Motori program (7pm-8pm), in the Saturday show (12:30pm-1.00pm) or in Sunday's RMC Music & Sports program (2pm-6pm). Further Trofeo info - including news, updates and interviews - will be given through RMC MOTORI Web radio; in the BLOG SPORT section there will be posts and updates, a race photo gallery, and video images of the races that can be used for multimedia platforms.

Source - Maserati
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