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1933 Ford Model 40


The Ford Model 40 V8 rode on a 112-inch wheelbase and rode on 17-inch wire spoke wheels. Power was from a 90-degree L-head V-8 engine that displaced 221 cubic-inches and produced 75 horsepower. The engine was mated to a three-speed sliding gear transmission with floor shift controls. They had an X-member double-drop frame and mechanical internal expanding brakes at all four corners.

The design was curveacous with a one-piece bumper and streamlined appearance. All bodies, regardless of the bodystyle or the color, were delivered with black fenders.

The V-8 engine was well received. When first introduced in 1932, there were over 200,000 examples sold during that year. It outsold the four-cylinder Model B cars, which reached 185,000 units. Evolutionary upgrades were made to the engine throughout its production run. Earlier improvements included an improved ignition and cooling system, with a new aluminum head that had a compression ratio of 6.3:1, giving horsepower a boost to 75.

The new design was influenced by British styles. The Ford Motor Company, Ltd, had been operating in Britain since 1911 and the Model T proved popular there.

Ford enlisted the help of Eugene Turenne Gregorie , called 'Bob' by his friends, to help in the design. 'Bob' had designed yachts for the Elco Corporation and at Cox and Stevens, a New York naval architecture firm. He had also worked at coachbuilders Brewster & Company. His work at Brewster brought him to the automobile industry and soon became well-regarded for his talents.

Gregorie used his nautical background to create a slanted flat windshield back, and employed a similarly sloped grille whose silhouette suggested a heart shape. The doors were hinged at the rear and opened in 'suicide fashion. The headlamps were mounted directly to the fenders.

This new design was introduced as the Model Y in February 1932. The Model Y was well received and quickly put into production. For the 1933 American Ford, Edsel wanted a more graceful design than the 1932 style.

For the 1933 model year, and with the longer wheelbase, the design of the Model Y was simply scaled up. The Model Y's proportions were mechanically scaled.

The public responded, with sales for 1933 models increasing some 40 percent over dismal 1932 sales.

By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2009

1933 Vehicle Profiles

1933 Ford Model 40 vehicle information

3-Window Deluxe Coupe

Chassis Num: 18-442421

The Ford model lineup was dramatically redesigned for 1933, using scaled-up drawings from the British Model Y. The three-window coupe was given a more gracefully angled greenhouse - it was the most streamlined of all Ford's 1933 cars.....[continue reading]

1933 Ford Model 40 vehicle information

Station Wagon

Harkening back to the days of horse-drawn coaches taking travelers cross-country between 'stations', the wood-bodied 'woodie' station wagon would become a unique bridge between eras. ....[continue reading]

Standard Roadster

Chassis Num: 263309

The quintessential hot rod automobile would have to be Ford's Roadster. Boasting of aggressive and evocative styling, the roadster remains the benchmark of the hot rod some eighty years later.....[continue reading]

3-Window Deluxe Coupe
Chassis #: 18-442421 
Station Wagon
Standard Roadster
Chassis #: 263309 

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1933 Model 40
1933 Ford Model 40 Price Range: $475 - $640

Model Year Production

1938Chevrolet (465,158)Ford (410,263)Plymouth (285,704)410,263
1937Ford (942,005)Chevrolet (815,375)Plymouth (566,128)942,005
1936Ford (930,778)Chevrolet (918,278)Plymouth (520,025)930,778
1935Ford (820,253)Chevrolet (548,215)Plymouth (350,884)820,253
1934Ford (563,921)Chevrolet (551,191)Plymouth (321,171)563,921
1933Chevrolet (486,261)Ford (334,969)Plymouth (298,557)334,969
1932Chevrolet (313,404)Ford (210,824)Plymouth (186,106)210,824
1931Chevrolet (619,554)Ford (615,455)Buick (138,965)615,455
1930Ford (1,140,710)Chevrolet (640,980)Buick (181,743)1,140,710
1929Ford (1,507,132)Chevrolet (1,328,605)Buick (196,104)1,507,132
1928Chevrolet (1,193,212)Ford (607,592)Willys Knight (231,360)607,592

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