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2010 Bufori Geneva

Australian/Malaysian automaker Bufori, which specializes in creating custom automobiles inspired by 1930s-era American coupes, has announced plans to introduce its new MKVI Luxury Saloon – soon to be christened wîth an official name as well – at the rapidly approaching Geneva Motor Show. If you thought Swiss companies like Rinspeed had the offbeat market cornered, think again.

Gerry Khouri, Managing Director and co-Founder of BÚFORI said in a statement: 'This new model marks an important milestone in the company's history. The MKVI is our first four-door saloon and we are excited at presenting this more contemporary interpretation of the BÚFORI philosophy to the world.'

Here's all we know about the saloon thus far: it will have a 6.1-liter V8 engine of unknown origin, rear-hinged coach doors and 'endless customization options.' Oh yeah, and it looks a little bit awkward in this initial teaser sketch. We'll see the new Bufori for ourselves in person come March 2nd, in the meantime, click past the break for the official press release.

Source - Bufori

The BUFORI Luxury Saloon

2010 Bufori Geneva
A more contemporary interpretation of the BÚFORI philosophy

The BÚFORI Geneva combines cutting-edge technology wîth a beautifully proportioned body that exudes presence and style.

Featuring classic design elements such as the long running boards, the new luxury saloon also boasts noticeably modern styling cues such as elegantly integrated bi-xenon headlamps and LED rear lights.

Appealing to all senses, every material used in the Luxury Saloon is carefully selected to combine function wîth form.

The Bufori Geneva is a sublime choice for the style-conscious individual and is powered by a thoroughbred 6.1-litre V8 engine, producing an impressive 430hp and 586Nm of torque. Graceful, fast and comfortable, the Bufori Geneva is both a driver and master's car and provides an exceptional experience for all.

Opulent Interior

2010 Bufori GenevaThe interior design team has strived to create a relaxing ambience, combining traditional and modern materials such as leather and wood veneers.

The Bufori Geneva's classical rear-hinged coach doors provide elegant and effortless ingress and egress.

The interior space is filled wîth natural light, enhanced by the optional Sunroof and complemented by the integrated mood lighting. Compartments are all lightly illuminated for convenience.

Individual fully adjustable rear lounge seating is offered as the standard configuration, wîth beautifully incorporated picnic tables for comfort and convenience.

The rear center console is entirely customized to the requirements of the discerning owner. Some of the unique features include a fine tea set wîth instant boiling water and sink, an Espresso coffee maker or even an ice box. An integrated cool box & mini bar for champagne and glasses, a strong box (safe) for valuables or a cigar humidor are also available.

A state-of-the-art and comprehensive multimedia system provides high-definition surround sound and a choice of 1, 2 or 3 touch screen monitors.

Driver Aids

2010 Bufori GenevaAnti Lock Braking System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist, Traction Control, Steering Angle Control and Adaptive Cruise Control are incorporated to provide a more enjoyable and safe drive.

The optional driver assistance systems and technologies in the Bufori Geneva are discretely packaged and easy to operate.

Positioned within the front bumper bar is an optional Thermal Imaging Night Vision camera. When activated, day or night, this safety feature recognises pedestrians and objects up to 300 metres away and displays them on the screen conveniently positioned in view of the driver.

Lane Departure Warning (LDWS) alerts the driver should the car unintentionally attempt to leave its current lane. When activated, it uses an integrated camera, located just in front of the rear view mirror, to monitor road markings and the vehicle's position. When the signal light is used the system recognises the lane change as intentional and no warning is issued.

The HÚD (Heads-up Display) relays essential information such as vehicle speed, RPM, LDWS onto the windscreen to allow the driver to focus on the road.

Active Cruise Control creates a relaxing driving experience, particularly on long cruising journeys, as action is not required when a vehicle ahead speeds up or slows down.


2010 Bufori Geneva
Safety is one of BÚFORI's top priorities.

To compliment the driver aids and energy absorbing hybrid Carbon Fibre & Kevlar body, the SRS (Supplement Restraint System) not only includes pre-tensioned seat belts, but also dual front air bags, side air bags and side curtain airbags.

Power Train & Handling

2010 Bufori Geneva
The BÚFORI GENEVA is powered by a 6.1Lt V8 engine wîth hemispherical combustion chambers and produces a generous 430hp and 569Nm of torque.

A hemispherical combustion chamber allows the valves to be angled rather than side-by-side. This feature significantly improves the engine's airflow capacity, which results in high power output.

Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via an adaptive automatic transmission and limited slip differential.

Acceleration from 0-100 kph is under 6 seconds wîth a top speed of more than 260kph (estimated figures).

An optional supercharger boosts the performance of the engine to a healthy 560hp and 690Nm of torque.

The unequal arm front suspension and multilink rear suspension sprung wîth a fully programmable and adjustable airbag suspension provide comfort and performance.

Engineered to last for generations

The semi-monocoque body of the Bufori Geneva is made of state-of-the-art Hybrid Carbon Fibre and Kevlar which is infused wîth Vinylester resin. This stronger-than-steel innovation provides supreme strength, light-weight and superior structural integrity as well as a lifetime of minimum maintenance. The Bufori Geneva is the first saloon in the world to commercially use such innovative materials.

The combined usage of the highest quality materials and components increases the overall durability of the car, which is literally built to last for generations. The chassis of the Bufori Geneva for instance is made using top grade stainless steel, protecting it against corrosion.


BÚFORI's most valuable asset is its highly-skilled craftsmen. Each BÚFORI vehicle is a masterpiece in its own right. Passionately crafted and assembled wîth the utmost care and precision.

The in-house R&D and manufacturing facility in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia employs a mix of old & new school craftsmen who master traditional as well as modern coach building techniques.

Each BÚFORI Geneva moves through 24 production stages and requires more than 6,000 man hours to create.

From infusing the hybrid composite material body to making the Stainless steel chassis, brackets, exhaust, fuel tank and bright work; from moulding the foam for the seats and thermal & acoustic insulating materials to hand-stitching the leather; from painting the car, to making the wiring harnesses and tuning the suspension; every single process is executed to perfection.

An example of some of the qualities Bufori looks for when sourcing raw materials is the superior leather. The strict selection and homogenous tanning of the flawless Alp-cow hides provide durability and easy maintenance.

Fine quality carpet is particularly chosen for its consistent density and colour fastness, as well as fire resistance. The same care goes into choosing paints, composite materials such as the high tech Carbon Fibre & Kevlar hybrid material and top grade stainless steel for all the metal parts such as the chassis and the bright work.

Source - Bufori
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