1970 BRM P153

1970 BRM P153 Technical Specifications and Dimensions

These are standard specifications - not necessarily specifications for the vehicle(s) in the photo(s).


Engine Location : Mid
Drive Type : Rear Wheel
Weight : 1179 lbs | 534.785 kg


V 12
Displacement : 3000 cc | 183.1 cu in. | 3.0 L.
Power : 440 BHP (323.84 KW) @ 10000 RPM
Valvetrain : 48 DOHC (4 valves per cylinder)


Seating Capacity : 1


1970 Averages
Avg. Car Cost : $3,900
Avg. Household Income : $9,350
Avg. Home : $23,000
Avg. Gallon of Gas : $0.36
Total Car Production : 8,283,949

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