1954 Chevrolet 210 Deluxe

Sedan-based station wagons were popular family cars during the 1950s. Major manufacturers offered station wagons in all their model lines and trim levels. Buyers choosing 1954 Chevrolet wagons like this 210 could order power windows, power steering, and power brakes, the first time such options were available on an American production car. They could also select from 13 single-tone body colors and 11 two-tone combinations. The eight-millionth Chevrolet was built during the 1954 model run.

Source - AACA Museum

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The Chevrolet 210, also written as the Two-Ten, was produced from 1953 through 1957. The car served as a replacement for the Styeline DeLuxe model Series and did so in fine fashion, becoming Chevrolets best selling model in 1953 and 1954. The base Chevrolet model was the 150 and the 210 followed its example yet offered its customers a little more in styling, options and mechanical capabilities.....
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