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2004 Hummer H2

2004 Hummer H2
HÚMMER's First Television Campaign Showcases The H2's Off-Road Capability And Prestige

DETROIT - The all-new 2003 H2 is the focus of a new advertising campaign for General Motors' HÚMMER division. The campaign includes HÚMMER's first-ever television spots as well as print, outdoor and retail advertising. "This campaign was a great opportunity to expand the image of HÚMMER in the mind of consumers. The spots reflect the attitude of the truck and its owners. It's not enough for HÚMMER just to be tough - it has to be intelligent, authentic and aspirational," said Liz Vanzura, director of HÚMMER advertising and sales promotion. "We wanted to make sure our target customers connected with the spots and could visualize themselves in the truck." General Motors' mission was to create a look and a tone that is instantly recognizable as HÚMMER. Not only did the advertising have to communicate that the new H2 had arrived, it had to embrace HÚMMER's heritage while inviting other consumers into the brand. The focus was to create advertising that showcases a blend of off-road capability and prestige. The television spots will be shown on targeted programming and networks such as: CNN, Travel Channel, ESPN, CNBC, BET and A&E beginning August 12th, running through the rest of 2002. The TV ads, created by Modernista!, Boston, establish the H2's brand identity by focusing on the emotional connection consumers feel with the vehicle and include HÚMMER's tagline, "like nothing else". The television features the beautiful glaciers and deserted beaches of Iceland and the urban street scenes of Vancouver. The first spot, "Glacier" is pure HÚMMER. It features two men off-roading and viewers witness the H2 taking them to places that promise adventure. The music is powerful, fresh and exciting. "The spot truly reflects the heart and soul of HÚMMER," said Lance Jensen, co-founder of Modernista!. The spot features the line, "If you can, maybe you will." A :30 version carries the line, "Sport Útility? Define sport." The second spot, "City", features a woman driving through an urban landscape, obviously comfortable and confident. The spot features the copy "Threaten men, in a whole new way." "We wanted to make the HÚMMER H2 a vehicle that women would be proud to drive, be seen in, and own. This spot is sexy, fun and new," said Jensen. The third spot entitled "Beach", features a couple driving their vehicle off-road. The copy, "Need is a very subjective word." Jensen remarked, "This couple is finally experiencing the life they have always dreamed of and worked so hard to achieve." HÚMMER's print campaign complements the television spots and broke in early July. The print can be found in publications as varied as Wall Street Journal, Wired, GQ, Food and Wine and 4-Wheel and Off-Road. In addition, outdoor advertising also broke in August in key markets including: Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Miami, Chicago and Atlanta. General Motors acquired exclusive ownership of the HÚMMER brand worldwide in December 1999 from AM General. The two companies are jointly developing future HÚMMER vehicles in a partnership covering product, marketing and distribution.

Source - GM Media
BFGoodrich® Tires Launches New 22-Inch Size For HÚMMER H2
Greenville, SC

BFGoodrich® Tires has launched a new 22-inch g-Force T/AKDW LT325/55R22 LRD 120H tire for HÚMMER H2 owners.

This massive new tire is the latest in BFGoodrich's high performance line of products and will serve as the world's first tuning tire designed specifically for the HÚMMER H2. The 22-inch g-Force T/AKDW is a low-profile, high-performance sport truck tire that will actually fill the wheel well of the Hummer H2.

2004 Hummer H2"The purpose of launching this new tire is to give H2 owners the opportunity to customize their vehicle without having to lower the vehicle's height, looks and performance," said Adam Murphy, performance marketing manager for BFGoodrich tires. "The 22-inch tire adds a new dimension to what it means to drive a HÚMMER."

The new 22-inch g-Force T/AKDW takes advantage of BFGoodrich's design expertise to maximize traction and steering control while improving the vehicle's exterior appearance. BFGoodrich tires also offer the exceptional durability that consumers expect from the tire brand that boasts the most popular and successful all-terrain tire in history.

Building on BFGoodrich tires' proven performance on and off-road, the latest addition to the g-Force T/A family is the latest in cutting-edge looks and design. The 22-inch version of the g-Force T/AKDW provides excellent traction and handling, resists hydroplaning and is receiving top marks for progressivity, on-center steering response and feel. Deep, wide grooves speed water evacuation and reduce hydroplaning for superb grip in wet conditions while large block elements enhance stability, wear and handling under high-torque conditions.

In early 2002, General Motors selected BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO™ tires as original equipment for all of its H2 models. With the addition of the new 22-inch g-Force T/AKDW, BFGoodrich brand now offers the perfect "off road" or "street" solution for the Hummer H2.

BFGoodrich tires, made for people looking to take control of the driving experience, combine technological expertise with the knowledge gained in motorsports to offer a traction advantage for almost every type of vehicle and driving preference. Visit BFGoodrich tires online at

Source - Detroit News


2004 Hummer H2
Any way you measure it, the HÚMMER H2 achieved runaway success in its inaugural year. In about six months, H2 captured the heart of 19,222 new HÚMMER aficionados and a number of automotive awards. Even without sales incentives, HÚMMER dealers had a difficult time keeping more than a 10-day supply of H2s on their lots. 2004 Hummer H2
'The H2 has enabled us to expand our product offerings, making HÚMMER accessible to more buyers,' said Michael C. DiGiovanni, HÚMMER general manager. 'Its success out of the gate can be directly traced to its ability to deftly combine the rugged durability of the H1 in a slightly scaled down, more civilized package.'

2004 Hummer H2
Every inch a HÚMMER
H2's packaging may have been scaled down, but not its ability. This is a HÚMMER first and foremost. That means it's still capable of traveling through streams 20 inches deep, climbing 16-inch steps and rocks, paddling through deep sand and outdistancing competitors in high-speed desert runs.

2004 Hummer H2
Every H2 starts with a fully welded ladder-type frame that features a modular three-piece design incorporating a number of hydroformed components. The result is outstanding strength, stiffness and dimensional accuracy. Ensuring on-road ride comfort and control, as well as off-road capability, is H2's standard independent front torsion bar and five-link coil spring rear suspension. The solid rear axle ensures durable sure-footedness, particularly in tight off-road situations. A self-leveling rear air spring suspension system is available for severe off-road requirements.

2004 Hummer H2
Included as standard equipment on every H2 is underbody protection that includes large, thick skid plates; a shield for the fuel tank; chassis-bolted rocker panel protectors; a protective shield for the available on-board air compressor; and mud flares that run up, over and around the wheels.

H2's power is derived from the standard Vortec 6000 V-8 that generates 316 horsepower (237 kw) and 360 lb.-ft. (488 Nm) of torque. It's mated to a heavy-duty Hydra-Matic 4L65-E four-speed automatic overdrive transmission. (posted on H2 also features a standard, powertrain-integrated Borg-Warner two-speed electrically controlled full-time 4WD system. It's capable of further reducing H2's gear ratios by 2.64:1 when necessary, for highly controlled obstacle climbing.

A highly developed Bosch four-channel anti-lock braking/traction control system (ABS/TCS) provides optimum control on slippery surfaces. In addition, the ABS is specially calibrated to prevent unwanted activations while off-roading, without compromising on-road stability and stopping distance. The TCS also includes the ability to gain traction through a single wheel, if necessary. A secondary TCS mode, driver activated with a button on the center stack, provides more wheel slip on deformable surfaces such as sand, mud and snow.

Styling as unmatched as its off-road capability
H2's design is extremely daring and attention-getting. It's instantly recognizable as belonging to a highly exclusive brand at the top of its class in off-road performance. Its look and feel conveys the sense of power, authority and complete control that these buyers seek.

'Everything about the H2 is influenced by H1,' said Clay Dean, the H2's chief designer. 'H2 is a little more linear, more massive from the side view. But it's not meant to replace or even mirror the H1. Rather, the H2's goal is to complement the H1 - to provide an alternative experience that widens the HÚMMER brand appeal.'

H2's extremely boxy body and very straight windshield and windows, which resemble H1's forms, combine to create a significant amount of interior room. The vertical glass opens up a broader front and wider side view. In a nod to the functional aspect of design, exposed components, such as hood lift handles, hood latches and fasteners, give H2's appearance an individually component-assembled quality. As they do on H1, exposed components and mechanical elements shout ruggedness and exemplify yeoman-like functionality and workmanship.

Luxury meets ruggedness in H2's interior
H2's rugged exterior gives way to a luxurious interior. It begins with standard cloth seats with eight-way power adjustment for the front seat cushions and backs. Also standard is a memory feature for the driver's seat that allows two drivers to select and set their preferred positions. The available leather seats, meanwhile, add heated seat backs and cushions with three temperature settings for the front occupants. Heated cushions serve to keep second-row occupants comfortable. For maximum flexibility, the second-row seats can be individually folded and for maximum comfort they feature a high-back design. A single-passenger seat is available for the third row, giving H2 six-passenger capacity.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system provides fast warm-ups and cool-downs, as well as individualized front-seat comfort. The standard dual-zone front controls, for example, allow the driver and front passenger to set individualized temperatures with as much as a 25-degree Fahrenheit (13.9-degree Celsius) difference. Audio choices include a selection of premium, high-quality sound systems and standard nine-speaker Bose system. All sound systems provide next-generation audio configurations and include Radio Data System technology.

Newly available for 2004 is the Delphi integrated navigation radio with full map navigation and a CD-ROM/audio player. The navigation operation will instantly map routes with 2-D and 3-D full-color map views on a 5.8-inch (147-mm) display screen with the push of a button, making maneuvering on highways and streets effortless. Once the navigation CD is inserted and the address entered on the system's screen, a route map is generated and audio commands - with step-by-step instructions in English, French or Spanish - are provided. (concept carz)

The verbal commands tell drivers when to turn and alert them if they stray from the calculated route; the system automatically recalculates a new route from their current position if they make a wrong turn. Additionally, drivers can instruct the navigation system to plan a route using the shortest path or one using major roads.

H2 safety features include standard front air bags; four-way adjustable headrests, arm rests and seat-mounted lap-shoulder belts for front passengers; lap and B-pillar mounted shoulder belts for second-row outboard passengers and a lap belt for the center passenger; a seat-mounted lap-shoulder belt and adjustable headrest for the optional third-row seat; and a standard OnStar system.

H2 accessories
As if H2 weren't rugged or refined enough, GM offers a host of new accessories in 2004 to further enhance H2's 'wow' factor. A bright appearance package includes chromed hood handles, hood latches and gas cap with filler trim. Chromed production wheels are also available. The trailering package now offered includes front hitch extension, vertical mount pin, hitch covers, electric brake harness and seven-to-four pin adapter. And three grille appearance options are offered in 2004 including body color, platinum chrome or black. For ease of access to loading items on accessory roof bows, new handles are available that mount into existing roof rails that come standard on every H2. From new chrome-plated tubular assist steps to a new chrome-plated wrap-around brush guard, and from an interior trim package to a roof-mounted bike carrier and HÚMMER bike, there's an accessory to meet nearly every H2 owner's need. For more information on H2 customized accessories, please see the release that follows Specifications.

'H2 is a HÚMMER through and true, particularly in terms of its capabilities on rough terrain, but with an air of civility and refinement previously unheard of in a vehicle with such capabilities,' DiGiovanni §äid.

Source - Hummer

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