1960 Saab 93F

The Saab 93 was produced from 1956 through 1959 and followed for a short time by the Saab 96F. The 96F brought with it new updates, but also provided an opportunity to dwindle supplies of the old product. The 93 was replaced by the Saab 96.

The Saab 93 was first shown on December 1 or 1955 and was styled by Sixten Sason, a designer working at Saab since 1939. Under the hood was a longitudinally-mounted three-cylinder Saab two-stroke engine of 748cc capacity and producing 33 horsepower. Power was sent to the rear wheels through a three-speed gearbox with the top two gears being synchro-meshed.

The Saab 93 was a very important model for the Swedish company because it was the first Saab to be exported with the majority making their way to the United States. The Saab 93 received much attention in motor-sports as it proved to be a formidable contender in rally events. In 1957 Erick Carlsson finished first in the Finland Rally. In 1959 he finished in first in the Swedish Rally.

Two-point seatbelts were optional in 1957. A Saxomat clutch and a larger cloth sunroof were also optional and offered for an additional price.

The Saab 93B was introduction on September 2nd of 1957 which brought with it mild aesthetic improvements including a two-piece windshield replacing the one-piece unit.

The Saab 93F was introduced in 1960 and was the final designation for the Saab 93 with a total of about 600 examples being produced. The Saab 93F would be replaced by the Saab 96. The 'F' brought with it new front hinged doors similar to the ones found on the Saab GT750. Mudguards at the rear wheels, and a large capacity cooling system could also be found on the 93F.

In total there were 52,731 examples of the Saab 93 produced. They were replaced by the Saab 96.

By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2006

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1960 93F

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1965Chevrolet (2,375,118)Ford (2,170,795)Volkswagen (1,174,687)48,517
1964Chevrolet (2,318,619)Ford (1,594,053)Toyota (1,068,321)43,493
1963Chevrolet (2,237,201)Ford (1,525,404)Fiat (957,941)40,374
1962Chevrolet (2,061,677)Ford (1,476,031)Fiat (957,941)35,890
1961Ford (1,338,790)Chevrolet (1,318,014)Volkswagen (807,488)33,040
1960Chevrolet (1,653,168)Ford (1,439,370)Toyota (1,068,321)26,066
1959Chevrolet (1,462,140)Ford (1,450,953)Volkswagen (575,407)17,836
1958Chevrolet (1,142,460)Ford (987,945)Volkswagen (451,526)13,968
1957Ford (1,676,449)Chevrolet (1,505,910)Plymouth (726,009)9,847
1956Chevrolet (1,567,117)Ford (1,408,478)Buick (572,024)6,320
1955Chevrolet (1,704,667)Ford (1,451,157)Buick (738,814)5,620

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