1941 Cadillac Series 61

1941 Cadillac Series 61 1941 Cadillac Series 61 1941 Cadillac Series 61
Touring Sedan
Recent information and body tag suggest that this Cadillac was bodied by a relatively unknown 'Fred's Truck Body and Station Wagon Builder, Jerome Avenue, Bronx, New York.' Birds eye maple veneer with mahogany inserts, along with other details were used in what is believed to be the only example built by this company. Early photographs show this car on the streets of Bar Harbor, Maine in 1947 and it is believed to have been the 'summer car' of a wealthy New York family that vacationed each year in the Bar Harbor area.
The Cadillac 61 was produced from 1939 through 1942 when wartime halted production. When war ceased, production resumed and would continue until 1951. The Series 61 was built on a wheelbase that measured 126-inches and powered by a 346 cubic-inch L-head V8 engine that produced 135 horsepower. By 1941, the power had raised to 150 bhp.

In 1948, the Series 61 was re-styled with one of its more prominent features being tailfins. The following year, a new OHV V8 engine, displacing 331 cubic-inches and producing 160 horsepower, was installed.

In 1951, Cadillac again re-styled their Series 61 cars, this time making them lower. They had a one-piece windshield and a longer hood. At the end of 1951, production ceased.

By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2008

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1941 Series 61
1941 Cadillac Series 61 Price Range: $1,350 - $1,540

Model Year Production

1946Ford (468,022)Chevrolet (398,028)Plymouth (264,660)29,214
1942Chevrolet (254,885)Ford (160,432)Plymouth (152,427)16,511
1941Chevrolet (1,008,976)Ford (691,455)Plymouth (522,080)66,169
1940Ford (541,896)Chevrolet (541,896)Plymouth (430,208)12,984
1939Chevrolet (577,278)Ford (487,031)Plymouth (423,850)
1938Chevrolet (465,158)Ford (410,263)Plymouth (285,704)
1937Ford (942,005)Chevrolet (815,375)Plymouth (566,128)14,164
1936Ford (930,778)Chevrolet (918,278)Plymouth (520,025)12,913

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