Jaguar XJ-Sedan photo

1995 Jaguar XJ-Sedan

Jaguar introduced a completely re-styled XJ-Series for 1995. The base model was powered by a new AJ16 4.0liter engine which displaced 243 CID and offered 245 BHP. A supercharged version, powering the XJR, brought power to 322 BHP. The XJ12 came equipped with an overhead-cam twelve-cylinder engine offering 313 BHP. Standard equipment on the XJ12 and XJR included All-Speed Traction Control and could be purchased on the other models as part of the Winter Package.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2013

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The Jaguar XJ series began in 1968 and has continued in various forms and Series into modern times. The first Mark was introduced in 1968 and continued until 1992. During this time there were three series, Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3. In 1986 Jaguar introduced the Mark II which continued until 2002. During this time there were the XJ40, XJ81, X300, X305, and X308. The Mark III was introduced....
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Performance and Specification Comparison

Price Comparison

1995 XJ-Sedan
1995 Jaguar XJ-Sedan Price Range: $53,455 - $77,255

Other 1995 Jaguar Models
$53,410 - $82,555

Mark II X300 XJ6

113.00 in., 117.90 in.
6 cyl., 243.00 CID., 245.00hp
12 cyl., 242.87 CID., 313.00hp
6 cyl., 242.87 CID., 322.00hp
$53,455 - $77,255
113.00 in., 117.90 in.
6 cyl., 243.00 CID., 245.00hp
$54,400 - $67,400

Industry Production

2000Ford (965,029)Pontiac (573,805)Chevrolet (547,294)
1999Ford (918,040)Honda (733,878)Chevrolet (609,100)
1998Ford (878,405)Honda (751,032)Chevrolet (561,218)
1997Ford (913,440)Honda (722,431)Chevrolet (650,820)18,500
1996Ford (1,036,048)Honda (680,711)Pontiac (541,844)18,500
1995Ford (1,012,818)Chevrolet (665,955)Honda (643,336)18,085
1994Ford (1,220,512)Chevrolet (651,647)Honda (650,105)15,195
1993Ford (1,026,338)Chevrolet (692,116)Honda (608,149)12,734
1992Ford (922,488)Honda (648,745)Chevrolet (647,227)8,861
1991Chevrolet (895,569)Honda (659,659)Buick (544,325)18,728
1990Ford (912,466)Chevrolet (785,918)Pontiac (641,820)18,728

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