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1996 Porsche 911

For 1996, the horizontally opposed, overhead cam six-cylinder engine received a boost in horsepower to 282 BHP. Three new models were also added to the lineup and body styles included a 2+2 coupe and a cabriolet. The Targa nameplate returned with a system different than the previous Targa models. Instead of the roof being removed, glass panels slid back behind an enlarged rear window.

The Carrera 4S models had the Turbo's wide wheel flares but did not have the Turbo's spoiler. The twin-turbocharged six had the same engine as the base 911 but with the twin turbochargers (K16 turbos) engaged, horsepower was rated at 400 BHP. The power was sent to all four wheels giving the car a 0-60 mph time of just 3.7 seconds. The 993 Turbo was the final iteration of Porsche's air-cooled sports car, equipped with a six-speed transaxle and twin turbochargers. The United States market received 1,297 examples of the 993 Turbo for 1996.

The 993 Turbo had been introduced the previous year, with features that included the electronically controlled, viscous coupling, all-wheel-drive system. This was the first time an AWD system was offered on a turbocharged model since the 959. To cope with the increase in power, the Turbo had bigger brakes, wider tires, wider body, and a lower stance. Zero-to-sixty mph took a mere 3.7 seconds with 100 mph achieved in 5.7 seconds.

The Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8 was the road-going version built to homologate the 3.8-liter RSR for competition in BPR GT3 and GT4 racing. The 3.8-liter normally aspirated Type M64/20 engine developed 300 horsepower at 6,500 RPM and 262 foot-pounds of torque at 5,400 RPM. It used a Variocam variable-length intake system from Porsche, newly designed forged pistons of reduced height, and a relocated wrist-pin. It used dual oil coolers and lightened rocker arms. The engine was backed by a Type G50/31 six-speed manual transmission with the gearing optimized for acceleration rather than top speed. Modifications to the suspension included a front strut brace, adjustable anti-roll bars with five positions for the 24-mm front bar, and three positions for the 21-mm rear unit. It also received ball-joint front damper mounts, a limited-slip differential, and anti-lock brakes from the 993 Turbo and ADB traction control.

To put the power to the wheels, the Porsche Carrera RS 3.8 used 265/35ZR-18R tires in the rear, and 225/40ZR-18 tires in the front are mounted on specially made 18-inch 'Speedline for Porsche' three-piece, light-alloy wheels with magnesium centers, which are 9-in. wide in the front and 11-in. wide in the back.

All non-essential items were removed from the car helping it to achieve a 1,280kg overall weight. Items removed include the central locking, radio speakers, power-adjustable seats, electric windows and mirrors, sound insulation, airbags, the rear defroster, and the headliner. Porsche continued the weight reduction endeavors with thinner window glass, an aluminum front boot lid and doors, Recaro seats, and lightweight interior door panels with traditional fabric pulls.

Slightly more than a thousand examples of the Carrera RS were built and none were originally imported to the United States.

by Daniel Vaughan | May 2013

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1996 Vehicle Profiles

1996 Porsche 911 vehicle information


Chassis Num: WP0ZZZ99ZTS390503
Engine Num: 63S86108
Gearbox Num: 2002366

The Porsche Type 993 Carrera RS was based on the Carrera Cup competition car and conceived as a homologation special to qualify the RSR 3.8 for BPR GT3 and GT4 racing. The Carrera RS was only offered to the European market and never made its way stat....[continue reading]

1996 Porsche 911 vehicle information


Chassis Num: WP0AA2998TS322697

This all-wheel drive 911 Carrera 4S has a low-production factory wide-body, slightly lowered and upgraded suspension, and speed-actuated rear spoiler. Currently, the odometer shows just 59,100 miles. The Tony Hatter designed 993 body is finished in a....[continue reading]

1996 Porsche 911 vehicle information


Chassis Num: WP0ZZZ99ZTS390261

Porsche modified the 3.6-liter type M64 engine found in the 993 Carrera, increasing its displacement to 3.8 liters while reducing the weight of engine internals. In this guise, it was known as the type M64/20. It was given a state-of-the-art technolo....[continue reading]

1996 Porsche 911 vehicle information


Chassis Num: WP0ZZZ99ZTS390508

Porsche increased the displacement of the Carrera's 3.6-liter Type M64 engine to 3.8 liters while reducing the internal components. The engine developed 300 horsepower and was used for the Cup and RSR models that were used in international GT racing ....[continue reading]

Chassis #: WP0ZZZ99ZTS390503 
Chassis #: WP0AA2998TS322697 
Chassis #: WP0ZZZ99ZTS390261 
Chassis #: WP0ZZZ99ZTS390508 

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Performance and Specification Comparison

Price Comparison

1996 911
1996 Porsche 911 Price Range: $63,800 - $105,050

Other 1996 Porsche Models

Type 993

89.40 in.
6 cyl., 219.69 CID., 282.00hp
$59,900 - $74,200
6 cyl., 231.89 CID., 370.00hp
89.40 in.
6 cyl., 219.69 CID., 282.00hp
$59,900 - $59,900
89.40 in.
6 cyl., 219.69 CID., 444.00hp
$105,050 - $105,050
89.40 in.
6 cyl., 219.70 CID., 282.00hp
6 cyl., 228.60 CID., 300.00hp
6 cyl., 219.75 CID., 400.00hp
$63,800 - $105,050
89.40 in.
6 cyl., 219.75 CID., 282.00hp
6 cyl., 219.75 CID., 400.00hp
6 cyl., 219.75 CID., 424.00hp
$63,755 - $150,050
89.50 in.
6 cyl., 228.60 CID., 340.00hp
89.45 in.
6 cyl., 219.69 CID., 285.00hp
$63,750 - $78,350
89.41 in.
6 cyl., 620.00hp

Industry Production

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1998Ford (878,405)Honda (751,032)Chevrolet (561,218)
1997Ford (913,440)Honda (722,431)Chevrolet (650,820)
1996Ford (1,036,048)Honda (680,711)Pontiac (541,844)
1995Ford (1,012,818)Chevrolet (665,955)Honda (643,336)
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