2018 SUV Production Vehicles
Acura MDX image.
Acura MDX
MSRP: $44,200-58,650
Acura RDX image.
Acura RDX
MSRP: $35,800-44,000
Audi e-tron SUV image.
Audi e-tron SUV
MSRP: $74,800-86,700
BMW X5 image.
MSRP: $57,200-74,050
Ford Escape image.
Ford Escape
MSRP: $23,850-32,045
Ford Explorer image.
Ford Explorer
MSRP: $31,990-53,940
Ford Flex image.
Ford Flex
MSRP: $30,195-38,400
GMC Terrain image.
GMC Terrain
MSRP: $25,970-40,245
GMC Terrain Denali image.
GMC Terrain Denali
MSRP: $38,495-40,245
Honda Pilot image.
Honda Pilot
MSRP: $30,900-47,470
Hyundai Santa Fe image.
Hyundai Santa Fe
MSRP: $24,950-37,200
Jaguar F-Pace image.
Jaguar F-Pace
MSRP: $42,065-59,775
Jeep Cherokee image.
Jeep Cherokee
MSRP: $24,395-34,095
Jeep Compass image.
Jeep Compass
MSRP: $20,995-28,695
Jeep Grand Cherokee image.
Jeep Grand Cherokee
MSRP: $30,595-50,995
Jeep Renegade image.
Jeep Renegade
MSRP: $17,995-26,895
Jeep Wrangler image.
Jeep Wrangler
MSRP: $26,995-37,345
Kia Niro image.
Kia Niro
MSRP: $23,240-31,900
Kia Soul image.
Kia Soul
MSRP: $16,100-22,800
Lexus RX image.
Lexus RX
MSRP: $47,670-54,555
Mazda CX-3 image.
Mazda CX-3
MSRP: $20,110-26,415
Mazda CX-5 image.
Mazda CX-5
MSRP: $24,150-30,945
Mazda CX-9 image.
Mazda CX-9
MSRP: $33,930-44,315
Mercedes-Benz GLE image.
Mercedes-Benz GLE
MSRP: $52,200-109,700
Mercedes-Benz GLS image.
Mercedes-Benz GLS
MSRP: $69,550-125,300
Nissan Armada image.
Nissan Armada
MSRP: $45,600-61,590
Nissan Armada Platinum Reserve image.
Nissan Armada Platinum Reserve
MSRP: $61,690-64,590
Nissan Rogue image.
Nissan Rogue
MSRP: $24,680-32,410
Porsche Macan image.
Porsche Macan
MSRP: $47,800-87,700
Subaru Ascent image.
Subaru Ascent
MSRP: $31,995-44,695
Toyota Highlander image.
Toyota Highlander
MSRP: $31,030-48,280
Toyota RAV4 image.
Toyota RAV4
MSRP: $24,410-34,030
Toyota Sequoia image.
Toyota Sequoia
MSRP: $48,300-64,010
Volvo XC60 image.
Volvo XC60
MSRP: $40,950-42,950

Vehicle information, history, and specifications from concept to production.

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