Formula 1

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Germany West Zakspeed Racing

1989Zakspeed Yamaha OX88 3.5 V8891 Formula 1 image Bernd Schneider
Formula 1 image Aguri Suzuki 
1988Zakspeed Zakspeed 1500/4 1.5 L4t881 Formula 1 image Piercarlo Ghinzani
Formula 1 image Bernd Schneider 
1987Zakspeed Zakspeed 1500/4 1.5 L4t861
Formula 1 image Martin John Brundle
Formula 1 image Christian Danner 
1986Zakspeed Zakspeed 1500/4 1.5 L4t861 Formula 1 image Dr. Jonathan Charles Palmer
Formula 1 image Hubertus 'Huub' Rothengatter 
1985Zakspeed Zakspeed 1500/4 1.5 L4t841 Formula 1 image Christian Danner
Formula 1 image Dr. Jonathan Charles Palmer 

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