Scion History

'Scion' means descendant of, and shows Scion's clear heritage and connection to Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. The pronunciation is 'cy-on'; like 'Sci' in Science with 'on' at the end; 'sigh' with 'on'. The word scion derives from Old French cion, of Germanic origin.

SCION is an ongoing project of refinement. Everything we touch we imbue with independent and free thought. What you have come to know us as and what you will remember us by is a product of this process. It's a 'remix' of sorts, which takes elements from the world around us that we can commonly identify with to give you the freedom to express your own individuality.

This is not much different than how you as an independent and free thinker would approach your own life. This is in fact how each one of us here pursues our lives. And this is how we're going to continue to grow as a collective.

Mission Statement
To satisfy a trend setting youthful buyer through distinctive products and an innovative, consumer-driven process.

The 2004 xA and xB are both manufactured at the Toyota Takaoka plant located in Japan.
The 2005 tC is manufactured at the Toyota Tsutsumi plant in Japan.Source: Scion