Kissel History

On June 5th, 1906 Louis Kissel and his sons formed the Kissel Motor Car Company. It was based in Hartford Wisconsin. Production continued until November of 1930 when the company went into receivership due to the Great Depression. In total there were around 35,000 'Kissel Kars' produced with about 150 existing in modern times.

The company was known for their custom built automobiles that were constructed to high standards and built with superior quality. Their fire-trucks, taxicabs, hearses, and other vehicles were built with similar regards for quality. During World War I the company produced military vehicles and trucks for the army.

In 1915 a Kissel Kar was donated to Anita King, a Hollywood Actress, for her trans-continental trip. The voyage was very significant because it marked the first trip every attempted by a female while driving a motor-vehicle along.

Vehicle information, history, And specifications from concept to production.
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