Red Bull History

Red Bull is no stranger to the Formula One paddock, its colours having graced many a grand prix driver's drink bottles over the years and its logo previously featuring on the Sauber team cars. In 2005, that involvement moved up a notch with the creation of the Red Bull Racing team.

Given how late in the day the team was put together, it actually did a half decent job on the race track in its first season, racking up points with stunning alacrity and generally showing a lot of promise, getting close, very close at times, to a podium finish.

The long-awaited podium finally arrived in Monaco in 2006 but, apart from that, it's second year was disappointing....actually, it was worse than disappointing, it was pretty terrible! The honeymoon period was well and truly over, but the Red Bull Racing area in the Formula One paddocks of the world was still a smiley face place because, beneath the surface, major changes were underway.

Having decided to pretty much abandon development of that year's RB2, all efforts were aimed at building up the team, improving the way it worked, investing in new staff and equipment back home in Milton Keynes, getting the new wind tunnel up and running and putting all its money in to RB3, the first car to be designed by Adrian Newey's technical team.

Later in the year came further good news with the announcement ath Mark Webber would partner the evergreen Daving Coulthard and later still, it confirmed a deal to run Renault engines that had been good enough to win back-to-back championship titles over the past two years. In other words, all the ingredients are in place.

And the history is still being written.Source: Red Bull Racing

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