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Chassis Num: CSX 2032

When presenters speak of cars they will often speak of a car's aesthetics and features, but they will also likely mention whether or not a car has 'soul'. AC Cars had built a wonderful, aesthetically-pleasing roadster powered by a Bristol straight-6 ....[continue reading]


Chassis Num: CSX2000

This 1962 Shelby Cobra, chassis number CSX2000, is the first Cobra ever built, so is quite possibly the most valuable American sports car in the world. It was owned by Carroll Shelby since being built and is in remarkably original condition. The car ....[continue reading]


Chassis Num: CSX2001

Serial #CSX2001 is the first production Shelby Cobra built and among the initial 75 delivered to the dealers in 1962. It was delivered to and prepared by Ed Hugas in Pittsburgh. This car was originally fitted with a Ford-Zephyr straight six-cylinder ....[continue reading]


Chassis Num: CSX 2026

CSX 2026 has been featured in numerous magazine articles and books, including Shelby Cars in Detail, Shelby Cobra, Cobra-Ferrari Wars and AC Cobra. It has been displayed at the Shelby-American museum in Colorado, and in 1989, was displayed at the SAA....[continue reading]


Chassis Num: CSX 2017

This Cobra CSX 2017 is an authentic full specification competition Cobra built by Shelby America. It is the first and perhaps the only 'Riverside' model sold to an individual. In every respect the CSX 2017 is an original factory built and prepared co....[continue reading]


Chassis Num: CSX 2002

CSX2002 is the very first Shelby factory race car and the third Cobra ever built. It was driven by Billy Krause, Ken Miles, Peter Brock and Dave MacDonald. During its career as a racecar, it was a rolling test-bed for all future race and street Cobra....[continue reading]


Chassis Num: CSX 2005

The 1962 Shelby 260 Cobra with chassis number CSX 2005 wears the fifth production chassis number allotted. It is an early production 260 Cobra that was originally delivered by AC Cars Limited to Shelby American finished in red with black leather. The....[continue reading]

Chassis #: CSX 2032 
Chassis #: CSX2000 
Chassis #: CSX2001 
Chassis #: CSX 2026 
Chassis #: CSX 2017 
Chassis #: CSX 2002 
Chassis #: CSX 2005 


The formula for the success of the Cobra came through a man named Carroll Shelby adapting a powerful Ford engine into a nimble, British sports car.

A.C. Cars of Thames Ditton in Surrey, England had been producing the Ace since 1954. It was designed by John Tojeiro and featured an independent suspension by transverse leaf springs. The tubular frame body of the vehicle took its styling cues from Ferrari. The original engine used in the Ace was a 1991 cc, over-head-cam engine designed by John Weller, the founder of AC, in the 1920s. In 1956, an optional Bristol engine became available. This was a BMW derived, 1971 cc six-cylinder engine that was capable of producing 125 horsepower. With the Bristol engine, the Ace captured many victories on the race tracks around the world. It even won the SCCA Class E championship three years in a row.

In 1959, Bristol ceased its six-cylinder engine production. When Bristol stopped supplying A.C. with the engine, the production of the Ace ceased. Carroll Shelby quickly negotiated a deal where A.C. would supply him with the chassis. Now all Shelby needed was an appropriate engine. In 1961, Ford introduced the 221 cubic-inch small block engine. This was a new lightweight, thin wall-cast, V8 engine that produced 164 horsepower. Shelby approached Ford about the use of the engine for the 2-seat sports car. Ford agrees.

In February of 1962, a 260 HiPo engine and Borg-Warner four-speed manual gearbox was fitted into the aluminum-bodied Cobras. The AC Shelby Ford Cobra was complete.

In April of 1962, the first Cobra with chassis CSX 2000 was painted yellow and shipped to the New York Auto Show where it appeared on the Ford display. The vehicle was an instant success and attracted much attention. Orders came faster than Shelby could build. The prototype CSX 2000 was continuously being repainted for magazine reviews. The purpose was to create an illusion that more Cobras existed.

In 1963 the engine size increased to 289 cubic-inches. Rack-and-pinion steering was added to the vehicle.

Two Cobras were entered into the grueling 24-Hours of Le Mans endurance race. Carroll Shelby himself drove one of the vehicles. Ford had refused to provide an engine so Shelby, with the help of A.C. cars and Ed Hugus, prepare the cars. One of the Cobras managed to capture a seventh place finish, a major accomplishment.

Dan Gurney became the first American driver to win an FIA race in an American car when he won the Bridgehampton 500KM race in September of 1963 while driving a Cobra.

In 1964, the Cobra returned to LeMans where it finished fourth overall and first in the GT class.

Near the end of 1964, the Cobra 427 was unveiled to the press. If featured a new tubular, aluminum body, coil spring chassis, and a 427 cubic-inch, 425 horsepower engine. The car was able to go from zero to 100 mph and back to zero in less than 14 seconds.

In 1967, the last 427 Cobra was built and in 1968, the last 427 Cobra was sold by Carroll Shelby.

Ford had shifted their resources to the new GT40 and modified Mustang programs. In 1966, three GT-40 Mark II's crossed the finish line at Le Mans capturing first, second, and third.

By Daniel Vaughan | Mar 2010

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