1925 Diana Eight

The Diana Motor Company produced automobiles in St. Louis, Missouri from 1925 through 1928. They were a wholly owned subsidiary of the Moon Motor Car Company. The company marketed itself as 'the easiest steering car in America,' 'the only car built entirely for balloon tires,' and 'a car for women drivers.'

The president of the Moon Company, Stewart McDonald, announced the new cars in May of 1925. A month later, the first Diana cars arrived.

Powering the Diana's were a 240 cubic-inch Continental straight 8-cyidner engine offering just over 70 horsepower. They had four-wheel hydraulic brakes and the Lancaster Vibration Damper. Fuel mileage was respectable at between 15 to 18 miles per gallon. Top speed was in the neighborhood of 70 mph. Most of their vehicles were priced around $2,000 but ranged up to $5,000 for the town car.

Early on, the Diana cars were well liked and respected, but as time when on, problems arose with structural problems, degrading the feelings towards the cars. It was not long before the Diana cars were phased out. Total production of the Diana automobile was around 2,000 examples. In modern times, about twelve examples are known to exist.

This example is a Diana Light Straight Eight Deluxe 4-door Sedan with only 3,600 miles. it is completely original except for its paint. The car was purchased new in Toledo, Ohio and remained there until it was acquired by the current owners in the early 2000s.
By Daniel Vaughan | Aug 2010
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