1902 Mercedes Simplex 28 HP

1902 Mercedes Simplex 28 HP 1902 Mercedes Simplex 28 HP 1902 Mercedes Simplex 28 HP
This is the oldest road-going automobile in the world to bear the Mercedes name. This Mercedes Simplex 28 HP Tourer is the model that immediately followed the first 'real' automobile as it is known today, the 35 HP Mercedes designed by Wilhelm Maybach. Austrian businessman Emil Jellinek was passionate about technical progress and the newly invented motorcar. In March of 1900, under the pseudonym of Monsieur 'Mercedes,' the name of his daughter, and with the support of the Daimler Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) he entered two Daimler 'Phoenix' racing cars with 28 HP engines in Nice race week. He soon ordered a whole series of cars to be designed by Maybach at DMG with the 28 HP engine and these he called Mercedes-Simplex due to their simple, yet beautifully designed engineering. One of the features of the Maybach design was the new honeycomb radiator that continues to this day.
Production of the Mercedes Simplex lasted from 1902 through 1909. The vehicle was a continuation of the impressive Mercedes 35hp car of 1901, and brought with it an increase in technology and design. The Mercedes Simplex was designed by Gottlieb Daimler's chief designer, Wilhelm Maybach. The early Simplex models were powered by a Model 40/50 hp four-cylinder, water-cooled engine. They were lightweight internal combustion engines and powered the world's first motorcycle. Their design was very versatile, and could be adapted to land, water, and air vessels. Top speed was in the neighborhood of 80 km/h for the early cars. A World Speed Record was set in 1904 at 97.25 mph in a Simplex.

The design was very advanced and the body sat much lower compared to other vehicles on the road. This, coupled with a wider wheelbase, made the Simplex safer and sportier and improved the vehicles handling. Located in the front was a honey-comb designed radiator which gave the vehicle a unique appeal. There was a four-speed transmission with a spring-pressure clutch. The elegantly designed bodies sat atop a steel frame.

The Simplex was a civilized vehicle suited for touring motorists. It was comfortable and refined, yet its sporty characteristics made it suitable for competition. In 1901 the vehicles potential was demonstrated by Wilhelm Werner at the Nice Speed Trials and La Turbie hillclimb where it was driven to an overall victory. US billionaire and race-car enthusiasts, William K. Vanderbilt Jr., aided in the capturing of endurance records in the Mercedes-Simplex.

By Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2007

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