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1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe

When automobile production began to get back into full swing after the War, buyers had to face car shortages, strikes, and a sellers' market. In 1946, the Plymouth station wagon was listed for $1,539 from the factory, but it was difficult to find a dealer who would sell one for that price. By 1948, the same station wagon was priced $2,068 - the higher model prices due to escalating labor and material costs. For 1950, the Station Wagon had a price of $2372 - and production was 2,057. Though the station wagon totals seemed low, the Special Deluxe was a popular vehicle, with 234,084 examples of the four-door sedan being sold in 1950.

The P-20 Special Deluxe was Plymouths most expensive vehicle in its model range. Power was from an L-head six-cylinder engine that delivered nearly 100 horsepower. A three-speed manual gearbox was standard, as was the woodgrain finish on metal interior panels, a nice selection of interior fabrics, and a bright metal windshield and rear window frames.

The P-20 was available in several body styles, including as a rolling chassis. Other options included a convertible and club coupe. Pricing ranged from $1,630 - $2375. Total production for 1950 for the Special Deluxe was 350,290 units.

by Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2010

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1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe vehicle information


Chassis Num: 12480029

The top-of-the-line Plymouth model for 1950 was the Special Deluxe. It had bright metal front and rear window frames, front door armrests, dash-mounted clock and cigar lighter as standard equipment. ....[continue reading]

1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe vehicle information

Station Wagon

Chassis Num: 12387404

Many changes occurred in 1950 in comparison to their 1949 siblings. Although they had the same basic contours and slight mechanical dissimilarities, a host of changes had taken place, so much so that only the doors were bolt-for-bolt interchange betw....[continue reading]

Chassis #: 12480029 
Station Wagon
Chassis #: 12387404 

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Performance and Specification Comparison

Price Comparison

1950 Special Deluxe
1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe Price Range: $1,600 - $2,370

Special Deluxe

117.00 in.
6 cyl., 217.80 CID., 95.00hp
$1,445 - $2,070
118.50 in.
6 cyl., 217.80 CID., 97.00hp
$1,600 - $2,375
118.50 in.
6 cyl., 217.80 CID., 97.00hp
$1,600 - $2,370

Industry Production

1955Chevrolet (1,704,667)Ford (1,451,157)Buick (738,814)705,455
1954Ford (1,165,942)Chevrolet (1,143,561)Plymouth (463,148)463,148
1953Chevrolet (1,346,475)Ford (1,247,542)Plymouth (650,451)650,451
1952Chevrolet (818,142)Ford (671,733)Plymouth (396,000)396,000
1951Chevrolet (1,229,986)Ford (1,013,381)Plymouth (611,000)611,000
1950Chevrolet (1,498,590)Ford (1,208,912)Plymouth (610,954)610,954
1949Ford (1,118,308)Chevrolet (1,010,013)Plymouth (520,385)520,385
1948Chevrolet (696,449)Ford (430,198)Plymouth (412,540)412,540
1947Chevrolet (671,546)Ford (429,674)Plymouth (382,290)382,290
1946Ford (468,022)Chevrolet (398,028)Plymouth (264,660)264,660
1945Volkswagen (12,852)

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