1958 AMC Rambler Six

The Rambler Six was powered by a six-cylinder engine that displaced 195.6 cubic-inches and produced 127 horsepower. The Rambler Six was available in a Deluxe Line, Super Line, and Custom Line. All had a four-door sedan and cross-country wagon. The Super Line had an additional bodystyle, the country club hardtop. The wheelbase size measured 108-inches and had a length of 191.1-inches.

For 1958, the Rambler Six was given new front and rear fenders with quad headlights on the Super and Custom line. The Super Line had single headlights with the dual headlights offered as optional equipment. The Super Line had Super nameplates on the front fenders and full-length bodyside moldings. The Deluxe models were identified by their simplicity, having no nameplates or side moldings. The Custom Models had Custom nameplates on the rear deck or tailgate, dual sidespear moldings on both the doors and front fenders, and single molding on the rear fenders.

In total, there were 106,916 examples of the 1958 Rambler Six produced.

By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2010

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1958 Rambler Six
1958 AMC Rambler Six Price Range: $2,050 - $2,620

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