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2011 TopCar Cayenne Vantage 2

TOPCAR Moscow has been involved in the tuning of the Porsche, BMW, and Bentley cars since 2004.

2011 TopCar Cayenne Vantage 2Having created and implemented a new idea of the Porsche Cayenne rebuilding into the stylized dashing off-road coupe TOPCAR has successfully participated wîth its Porsche Cayenne Advantage and Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR at the largest and most prestigious car tuning exhibition in Europe - Essen Motor Show. Due to the great majority of renovated cars it proves that the idea has been appreciated and managed to gain customers confidence.

In this connection, it is remarkable that the new Porsche Cayenne is going to be in a great demand and in fact to be a great opportunity to create the new Advantage and Vantage GTR renovated series.

Porsche Cayenne Vantage 22011 TopCar Cayenne Vantage 2
The Vantage 2 body kit assembly doesn t require any complementary car base work as the Advantage 2 Vantage GTR 2 packages. The whole package includes front and rear spoiler bumpers, front and rear fender extenders, a bonnet and side skirts. The Vantage 2 appearance has its own distinctive face containing the wide character strings inherited from the Vantage GTR 2.

The projects are excellent. All car parts will be fully manufactured from the Carbon Kevlar and Carbon fibre.

The body kit parts not only look fantastic but have the added advantage of also being highly firm and extremely lightweight.

All elaboration activities and fitting works are provided in the state-of-the-art tuning manufactory. The perfect quality of TOPCAR s products is guaranteed and the company has its own production capacities that are needed to achieve success.

To every of these three projects TOPCAR offers new wing mirrors wîth LED side repeaters.

In order to achieve better performance the new Porsche Cayenne engine will be juiced up and get an output from 550 to 750 hp.

The new forged wheels (R21 and R23) have been especially designed for the new Porsche Cayenne by TOPCAR.

Besides, the TOPCAR Company is ready to accomplish luxury and exclusive car tuning works. All elaboration activities and fitting works are provided in the state-of-the-art tuning manufactory. We also offer the masterly hand crafted leather interior of the ideal quality. The highest standards of workmanship are a key part of our business therefore our customers can be fully assured of the excellent quality of the products they buy.

Specialists of TOPCAR help the customers in searching that unique but recognizable and inimitable appearance of their cars.

Please have a look at the cars manufactured by our company these can be seen on our website www.top-car.ru which shall help you appreciate the true value our kits add. Please also feel free to pay a visit to our office where you can satisfy yourself that the highest standards of workmanship are a key part of our business.

Source - TopCar
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