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2011 A Kahn TT GT

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At this exact moment, deep in the heart of the Kahn scientific laboratory – where all designs are prepared and designed, A. Kahn Design have unveiled the follow up to the grey Audi TT TR8.

Sporting an aggressive yet smooth silhouette, A. Kahn Design's red Audi TT GT Coupe, promises a powerful driving experience, taking the vehicle to a whole new dimension.

Priced at *£19,875, this spectacular vehicle started life as an Audi Quattro 3.2 TT – but is now a moving catalogue for all the latest modifications available from A. Kahn Design.

2011 A Kahn TT GTThe innovative styling package of the Audi TT GT Coupe is instantaneously decipherable and should satisfy those who prize nonchalance, style and all-weather capability.

This conversion will blow your mind. The body kit makes the Audi TT GT Coupe's flawless lines continue: the new front and back vented bumpers in R8 look with mesh inserts, front grille, R8 style side blades, rear spoiler, stainless steel quad exhaust system, Kahn Speedo, rev counter and ivory quilted leather interior with red stitching, sports lowered suspension springs, front lower bumper lip in billet steel finish and door mirrors in a billet steel finish - draw you in like a guiding light.
Evolved through skilled artistic innovation and state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology - our 20 -inch RSV alloy wheels exemplify what A. Kahn Design is all about: sophistication and accomplished artistic innovation.
A. Kahn Design has a tradition of making super-sport versions of successful models. As one of the ÚK's leading design houses, we recognise the importance of staying true to the original design themes of cutting edge luxury vehicles, while evolving them to achieve a new and dynamic appearance.

Source - Project Kahn

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