1894 Benz Vis a Vis

1894 Benz Vis a Vis 1894 Benz Vis a Vis 1894 Benz Vis a Vis This early Benz Victoria with a single-cylinder, 1700cc 3 horsepower engine and a top speed of 12 miles-per-hour, has very basic Vis a Vis wooden coachwork. This was the official demonstrator of Carl Benz. From 1894 to 2008, this Benz was owned by the Guetermann family. It is completely original and is still driven. In a similar Benz Victoria, Theodor von Liebieg undertook the first long-distance journey in the history of motoring.

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1899Columbia (387)Locomobile (337)Winton (106)
1898Columbia (73)Winton (22)Duryea (12)
1897Winton (6)Duryea (6)Haynes-Apperson (3)
1896Duryea (13)Winton (2)
1895Duryea (2)
1894Duryea (2)

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