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2012 Subaru XV

FHI Introduces All-New 'SUBARU XV' at Frankfurt Motor Show

2012 Subaru XV
• A new package with stylish and light proportions combining the SÚV image with a highly comfortable and spacious interior.2012 Subaru XV
• Expressing 'Enjoyment and Peace of Mind', the XV has the superior drive performance and fuel efficiency made possible by Subaru's next-generation power units, the excellent maneuverability for which Subaru is renowned and an extremely high level of functionality.

2012 Subaru XV
- The new generation Boxer Engine 1.6-litre, 2.0-litre
- The Boxer Diesel Engine 2.0-litre
- The new Lineartronic (CVT)
- The new Auto Start Stop system (Idle reduction system)

2012 Subaru XVTokyo, September 13, 2011 - Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, today unveiled the new Subaru XV (European specifications) as a world premiere at the 64th Frankfurt Motor Show (Press days: September 13 and 14, Open to public: September 15 through 25). FHI plans to introduce the new XV to the European market as its strategic model to provide customers with 'Enjoyment and Peace of Mind' through Subaru's new 'Confidence in Motion' brand statement.
The fundamental product concept that Subaru adopted for the XV is 'Úrban Adventure.' In specific terms, a vehicle that would be perfectly suited to exciting, lively, yet stress-free use in the city. Thus, Subaru balanced optimal performance factors such as fuel efficiency and enjoyable driving (Fun to Drive) with a stylish, highly distinctive exterior design.

Packaging / Útility
This vehicle's interior provides unmatched comfort levels to all passengers and best-in-class spaciousness.
• The XV features an extremely roomy passenger compartment, a cargo area that is both spacious and convenient, and excellent riding comfort.

• The door opening dimensions have been enlarged and the higher seat position allows much easier ingress and egress.

• With a focus on convenience, ample storage space for small objects is provided at ideal locations. The Multi-Function Display (MFD) is highly visible in the upper middle section of the instrument panel for comfortable driving.

Exterior design
Coined from the terms 'professional tool' and 'trendy design,' Subaru's 'Protren' design concept symbolizes the fusion of SÚV functionality and urban persona.
• It features a new type of crossover design that combines a stylish, flowing form with a high body and side cladding that enhances the sense of functionality of SÚV.

• Equipped with a hexagon grille and hawk eye headlights, these design features emphasize the unique identity of Subaru vehicles. The innovatively designed aluminum wheels and cut-away cladding give the XV a sporty and attractive appearance.

• The corners of the front and rear bumpers were designed with special edges that enhance the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle and also contribute to better fuel efficiency.

2012 Subaru XVInterior design
Along with the roomy and comfortable interior, a stylish design was selected to bring out the best qualities of the chosen materials and give passengers a feeling of quality.
• The instrument panel is styled horizontally which gives a more roomy feeling.

• A luxurious interior was created that perfectly balances the different tactile and emotional qualities of leather, metal, and cloth.

• The Multi-Function Display is highly visible in the upper middle section of the instrument panel and provides the driver and passengers with information necessary for practical driving in a highly intuitive format. For high-grade type, a large 4.3 inches full-color LCD is equipped with advanced infotainment such as eco-driving display and vehicle information display which supports the driver in a great many ways.

Engine and transmission
The new generation Subaru Boxer engine, which was introduced last year with a totally new design, is installed in 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre petrol models. Along with the usual merits that horizontally-opposed engines inherently possess, this engine has improved fuel efficiency and exhaust performance. Together with the adoption of the new Lineartronic (CVT), a newly developed 'Auto Start Stop System', the fuel efficiency was further improved. Also the Subaru Boxer Diesel, which was specially developed for the European market and received very favorable reviews, is featured in the XV line-up.

The new generation Boxer Engine
A new design was implemented with a bore/stroke ratio that is more advantageous for fuel efficiency. The stroke has been lengthened without altering the overall engine width compared to the previous generation. Both environmental friendliness and regular-use mid-low range torque have been improved due to the adoption of a longer stroke and dual AVCS*2. This engine offers excellent accelerating performance and its superior response gives the driver a feeling of instant acceleration, especially when the accelerator is lightly depressed.

The new Lineartronic
• Making use of the inherent advantages of Chain-driven CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) such as lightness, compactness, superior fuel efficiency, and wide ratio coverage, Subaru successfully developed a new CVT for the new XV for improved environmental friendliness and drivability.

The new Auto Start Stop system
• By automatically stopping the engine in situations where the vehicle is temporarily stationary, such as idling at traffic lights, it boosts the fuel efficiency. This new system has a newly developed 'change of mind control'*4 function to enable smooth restart without sacrificing driving comfort.

• By integrating the partition windows into the front doors and putting the door mirrors on the door panels, top-level forward visibility in this class was achieved, and blind angles were reduced. A stylish profile with a more streamlined rear roof edge was designed without impairing the rear field of view.

• In addition to SRS driver's/passenger's airbags, SRS side airbags and SRS curtain airbags, SRS driver's knee airbag are installed as standard in all models.

• VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) is installed in all models as standard. Its intervention timing was optimized and incorporates control logic that demonstrates effectiveness in danger avoidance situations. A brake assist function is also incorporated into the VDC system. This provides the XV with world leading danger avoidance performance and increases driving confidence.

Source - Subaru

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