1949 Lancia Aprilia

1949 Lancia Aprilia 1949 Lancia Aprilia 1949 Lancia Aprilia
Fastback Sedan
Chassis #: 438/27130
Sold for $40,514 (€31,360) at 2012 RM Auctions at Monaco.
Sold for $38,500 at 2016 Scottsdale, The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa.
The Lancia Aprilia, produced from 1937 through 1949, was one of the first vehicles designed using wind tunnels. Production commenced in February 1937, the month in which the firm's founder died. The Aprilia was the last of Vincenzo Lancia's designs, featuring four pillarless doors.

The streamlined design of the Lancia Aprilia had a dramatic effect on performance while maintaining a popular and attractive physical appearance. The low drag coefficient of 0.47 design was created in the revolutionary wind tunnel at the Polytechnic University of Turin. Along with its futuristic design, it was given a tremendous level of technology.

The Aprilia had a fastback shape, pillarless coachwork, a fully independent suspension, and featured Lancia's compact and capable V-4, initially in 47 horsepower, 1,352 cc tune, and later, as a 48 horsepower, 1,486 cc displacement engine.

This right-hand drive 1949 Aprilia is from the last year of production of the second series, which was introduced in 1939. The first owner took possession of the car on the 19th of January in 1949 in Turin. The car has remained in the area ever since. The car has had only two owners from new, each being the vehicle's caretaker for decades. The car was given a restoration in the early 1990s. An engine rebuild was performed in the early 2010s.

The 1486cc V-6 engine has a single overhead camshaft and offers nearly 50 horsepower. There is a four-speed manual transmission and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes.

In 2012, the car was offered for sale at RM Auctions in Monaco where it was estimated to sell for €38.000-€45.000. As bidding came to a close, the car had been sold for the sum of €31.360, inclusive of buyer's premium.

By Daniel Vaughan | Jul 2012
The Italian car brand owned by Fiat; Lancia, has a rich history that dates back more that s hundred years. It was a brand that gained fame for its innovation in the auto industry. The Lancia Aprilia was debuted in 1937 and was one of the original designs utilizing wind tunnels in joint effort with Battista Farina and Politecnico di Torino. The end result was a record low drag coefficient of 0.47.

In February of 1937, Vincenzo Lancia, engineer and the founder of Lancia, died unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 55. He was responsible for the creation of groundbreaking models like the Lambda and Aprilia. The beautiful Aprilia entered into full production in February, the same month of Vincenzo's death. This was the final of Vincenzo's designs and last featuring four pillar-less doors.

Quite possibly the most advanced prewar sedan, the monocoque Aprilia continued in production for more than 10 years. Featuring an all-independent suspension, a narrow-angle V4 engine with overhead cam, hydraulic brakes and pillar-less doors. It had a top speed of 80mph. The coach-built cabriolet bodystyle was Berlina. It had a wheelbase of 108 inches, an overall length of 155.9 inches, a width of 57.9 inches and a curb weight of 1,984 lbs. It featured independent suspension all round, an aluminum V4 engine, hydraulic brakes and drum brakes placed near to the differential at the rear.

The first series ran from 1937 until 1939 and had a total production run of 10,354 units. This series featured a 1,352 cc V4 motor engine that produced 47 bhp. The second series ran from 1939 until 1949 and featured a total production run of 9,728 models. The engine capacity was heightened to 1,486 cc that produced 48 bhp. During the second series a Lusso model was offered to the public along with a 'lungo' or lengthened chassis version. A total of 706 units of these 'lungo' models were produced from 1946 until 1949.

The production total of the Lancia Aprilia was 20,082 models and 7,554 additional chassis for coach built bodies. These were all produced in Turin Italy, along with around 700 units in France.

The Aprilia was offered with the steering wheel on the right side even in in markets that manufacturers usually had left hand drive cars. Though outside of Sweden and the UK most customers tended to pick the optional left hand drive version.

By Jessica Donaldson

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