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2013 Nissan GT-R

2013 Nissan GT-R Receives Key Engine and Suspension Refinements

2013 Nissan GT-R
Now Offers 545 Horsepower, 463 Lb-Ft Torque– Nissan's Multi-Dimensional Supercar Continues to Push Performance Envelope in Fifth Year2013 Nissan GT-R
As one of the most acclaimed supercars in automotive history, the Nissan GT-R is the ultimate expression of the Nissan brand and its 'Innovation for All' philosophy. A multi-dimensional performance machine that lives up to the concept of 'the ultimate supercar that can be driven by anyone, anytime, anywhere,' the Nissan GT-R receives a number of engine and suspension refinements for its fifth year of production – all designed to enhance its already legendary performance.

Enhancements to the 2013 Nissan GT-R signal its intent to remain on the leading edge of international sports car design, technology and performance. Major refinements to GT-R's renowned engine for the new model year include improved intake efficiency, reduced airflow resistance including an enlarged air intake duct for the intercooler, and improved exhaust emissions efficiency and enhanced control. Each engine is hand-assembled in a special clean room, similar to racing powerplant construction. As a result, horsepower is rated at 545 hp, an increase of 15 hp over the 2012 GT-R's 530 hp. Similarly, torque has been increased to 463 lb-ft from 448 lb-ft.

2013 Nissan GT-R
Transmission shift feel and quietness have been refined through a strengthened design of the shift fork arm and a firmer fixing bearing for the flywheel housing. Also, high performance differential oil, used in GT-R motorsports competition, is now standard for production models.

In addition, the suspension has been retuned and a handmade dry carbon rear spoiler has also been added to the Nissan GT-R Black Edition model. Other 2013 enhancements include the addition of a new blue lighting treatment inside the tachometer ring to match the shift position indicator light, helping provide a more sophisticated cockpit atmosphere. A RearView Monitor is now standard on all models.

2013 Nissan GT-R
More Power and Refinement for 2013
The 2013 Nissan GT-R's advanced VR38DETT 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 now produces 545 horsepower at 6,400 rpm (versus the previous 530 hp) and 463 lb-ft of torque at 3,200 – 5,800 rpm (versus the previous 448 lb-ft), while still meeting ultra-low emission vehicle (ÚLEV) standards. ( posted on The engine features innovative plasma-sprayed bores replacing cast iron liners for reduced friction, lighter weight, enhanced cooling, power output and fuel efficiency; a symmetrical independent intake and exhaust manifold system featuring twin high-performance IHI turbochargers; a secondary air management system for improved cold-start emissions performance; a thermostatically controlled oil-cooling system; an oil scavenger pump to maintain oil flowing to the turbochargers; and a lateral wet and dry sump oiling system. Fuel economy is rated at 16 mpg City and 23 mpg Highway.

The VR38DETT V6 is backed by an advanced paddle-shifted sequential 6-speed dual clutch transmission, which can be driver selected to shift at race car-like speeds. The sequential-shifting transaxle features separate wet clutches for the odd (1,3,5) and even (2,4,6) gears and pre-selects the next highest and next lowest gear for immediate shifts. It also features Hill Start Assist for easy starts on uphill inclines.

2013 Nissan GT-R
The 2013 Nissan GT-R continues to utilize a Premium Midship platform was created expressly for use with the GT-R. The Premium Midship platform enables the use of a world's first independent rear transaxle ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive system, which optimizes weight distribution and handling capability. The rear drive-biased system can vary torque split from 0:100 to 50:50 depending on speed, lateral acceleration, steering angles, tire slip, road surface and yaw rate. Of note is a special GT-R-specific yaw-rate feedback control, which measures the differences between the target yaw rate calculated from steering angle and actual yaw rate detected by the yaw-rate sensor and G sensor to adjust torque bias.

The Premium Midship Platform layout places the transmission, transfer case and final drive at the rear of the vehicle, without the use of traditional torque tubes, allowing the suspension to operate independently and optimizing tire grip at each corner.

Contributing to overall vehicle balance and low center of gravity, the unique offset input and reaction shaft design of the rear transaxle enables a shorter design profile versus a typical manual transmission, moving the concentration of powertrain weight lower in the vehicle.

The 2013 GT-R's handling duties are managed by a sophisticated 4-wheel independent suspension system mounted to high-precision six-point front and rear subframes. A special Bilstein DampTronic driver adjustable shock absorber system utilizes multiple vehicle information systems to provide appropriate damping forces and high level of control for a variety of driving situations. The DampTronic system features three driver selectable settings - Normal; Comfort, for maximum suspension compliance; or 'R,' for ultimate handling. The same three-stage adjustability is also available for the VDC system and transmission shift operation.

Stopping power is again provided by Brembo® monoblock six-piston front and four-piston rear calipers with 15.35-inch front and 15.0-inch rear Brembo full-floating cross-drilled two-piece rotors and low-steel high-stiffness brake pads that minimize fade and provide intense stopping performance. The calipers utilize race car-style radial mounting to minimize caliper flex during extreme braking.

The 2013 Nissan GT-R's rigid forged aluminum 20-inch wheels, once again manufactured by RAYS®, help improve suspension response. Knurling inside the wheels helps keep the tires from slipping around the wheels under heavy acceleration or braking. The wheels feature a premium dark (near black) finish, which provides a high quality, high-performance look. The Black Edition features special metallic black six-spoke RAYS® lightweight wheels in place of the Premium model's 10-spoke design. The wheels are wrapped with Dunlop® SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT ultra high performance run-flat tires filled with nitrogen, sized 255/40ZRF20 front and 285/35ZRF20 rear. Optional Dunlop® SP 7010 all-season run-flat tires are offered as part of the Cold Weather Package.

Functional, High Performance Aerodynamics and Style
The Nissan GT-R's dramatic styling, refreshed for the 2012 model year with a redesigned front fascia and integrated high intensity LED running lights, follows the 'function over form' theory. Every styling aspect, from the overall design to the smallest details, is created to maximize the vehicle's driving experience – as well as suggest GT-R's 'supercar' level of performance.

The GT-R's hybrid body construction is created with a combination of steel, carbon fiber and die-cast aluminum, providing a unique combination of stiffness, precision and lightness. The body features a lowered coefficient of drag of 0.26, achieving high front and rear downforce, providing stability and handling performance in a wide range of driving conditions.

GT-R's front fenders express power and stability, while the 'aero-blades' on the fenders' edges provide optimum airflow around the tires and along the body. The vents in the fenders' trailing edges assist in providing front downforce and optimizing side airflow. The aggressive front end, with a large hood bulge and enlarged central air intake, provide a sophisticated style as well as undisturbed airflow for power and cooling. The 'super wide beam' headlights feature three additional sub-reflectors (compared to conventional lights) to give a wide illumination spread.

The Nissan GT-R's four-passenger cabin features a sloping 'aero blade canopy' roofline and a curved C-pillar 'sword edge,' which expresses the distinctive GT-R identity, as well as facilitating air flow around the rear of the vehicle. The signature rear view of the GT-R is provided by its hallmark four-ring taillights, while air flow above and below the vehicle is managed by the functional rear carbon fiber underbody diffuser, rear venting, rear spoiler and large, integrated quad exhaust tips.

Vital Stats and Specifications
Vital Stats
Engine : 3.8 L., 6-cylinder
Power: 545 hp
Torque: 463 ft-lbs

6-speed Sequential
The GT-R Black Edition's new rear spoiler is designed to be as slippery to the wind as it is attractive to the eyes. Handmade in a limited monthly production run, a special coating allows carbon fiber 'weave' to be felt by the touch. The lightweight dry carbon fiber material* is also incredibly strong.

GT-R's advanced technology is present even in the vehicle's paint, which utilizes a durable anti-chip paint and 'double clear coat' process. The 2013 color palette includes Deep Blue Pearl, Jet Black, Solid Red, Gun Metallic, Pearl White and a limited production 4-stage metallic Super Silver.

An Interior Suitable for Everyday Driving or Supercar Duties
Key to the Nissan GT-R's usability as both a daily driver and a high-performance machine is its interior, which is designed to balance functionality and comfort. It provides comfortable four-passenger seating and trunk capacity of two golf bags or suitcases. Sculpted performance bucket seats give the driver and passenger a comfortable driving experience, and soft pads are utilized on the dash in front of the passenger and both doors to give an extra level of comfort. The rear transaxle layout of GT-R, with a flat floor and narrow center tunnel, allows GT-R to have an optimal driving position. The GT-R Black Edition adds a unique red and black interior color treatment and Recaro® leather-appointed seats.

The GT-R's cockpit-style instrument panel surrounds the driver, with all meters and multi-function meter at a uniform height to minimize the driver's head movement. A large center-mounted tachometer, with gear display on its upper right, as well as the easy-to-read graphics of the display, gives the driver instant detailed information, essential for the performance nature of the GT-R. Carbon fiber interior trim is offered for all models.

Functional style is also evident in GT-R's interior – each meter features a dial plate design that evokes the idea of engaged gears, as well as a three-dimensional metal-like ring, suggesting the multi-dimensional performance of GT-R. A large, metallic-framed center console features an ergonomically designed shift lever and a red 'engine start' button.

The centerpiece of the instrument panel is a video game-inspired multi-function display. Eleven pages of information are available on this system, including mechanical and driving information, acceleration, brake pedal pressure, steering angle and a recording function with playback. Additional on-screen information includes a Navigation system and Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System. The navigation system includes XM NavTraffic® with Real-Time Traffic Information and NavWeather™ capabilities (XM® subscription required, sold separately).

All 2013 GT-R models include a specially designed 11-speaker Bose® audio system features two forward-facing woofers in the rear center armrest area. Rigid aluminum die cast panel-mounting of all speakers allowed Bose® engineers to perfect the acoustical performance of the GT-R sound system. Streaming Audio via Bluetooth® is standard.

The Nissan GT-R offers a long list of features for enhanced visibility inside and out of the vehicle, including high-mounted LED stoplights, bright LED rear combination taillights, 'super wide beam' headlights, and heated door mirrors. The speed-sensitive windshield wipers include an auto on/off feature.

Standard safety equipment includes a Nissan Advanced Air Bag System for driver and front passenger, front seat-mounted side-impact supplemental air bags for driver and front-passenger and standard roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental air bags for front seat occupant head protection – along with front seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters and tension reducers, and three-point ELR/ALR rear seat belts.

GT-R Dealer Certification
The Nissan GT-R is sold and serviced through nearly 700 Nissan dealers that have attained 'GT-R Certification' status by meeting a number of strict sales, service and facilities commitments – including dedicating a master technician to GT-R service, special training for service managers and technicians, and designating dealer principals, executive managers and general managers as the primary communicators and negotiators in sales transactions. The names and locations of local GT-R Certified Nissan dealers are available to consumers on NissanÚ

Models and Options
The 2013 Nissan GT-R is again available in two models: GT-R Premium, which comes fully equipped with a 545-horsepower engine, dual clutch rear transmission, Nissan Navigation System, custom-designed 11-speaker Bose® audio system, premium near-black finish wheels, and heated front seats; and the GT-R Black Edition, with special lightweight metallic black aluminum-alloy forged RAYS® wheels, unique red and black interior, Recaro® leather-appointed seats, dark headliner and dry carbon fiber rear spoiler.

Just one option is available: a Cold Weather Package, which includes Dunlop® all-season tires and unique coolant/water ratio.

Source - Nissan

Owner Energy Fuels GT-R Experience in Monticello, NY

2013 Nissan GT-R
GT-R owners revved up to the Monticello Motor Club in New York for the third ever GT-R Experience. This is an invitation-only event for current and future owners; it is as unique as the car that starred in the show. New York was the third event in the series, the first was at Palm Beach International Raceway in Florida and the second was at Laguna Seca Roadway in Southern California.

The GT-R experience, hosted by Nissan, featured on site driver's ed from Skip Barber driving instructors, autocrossing and other drills for owners, and would-be owners, to put the 2013 to the test. 'Clearly this is the kind of place where you can explore the capabilities of the car,' said Carl Phillips, Nissan North America's Chief Marketing Manager for the GT-R.

Kelly Heaphy loves a challenge. Growing up Heaphy's mom raced Corvettes. At this event, Heaphy got a chance to push her favorite car, the Nissan GT-R, to its limits at the track. 'I kind of like, hey look boys I can do better than you are, and definitely this car turns heads, you know blonds in a bright red car, who is that? Wait, wait what's going on and they really want to keep up with you,' said Heaphy.

Heaphy's friend Andy Morris owns the car she drove at the event; it is his second GT-R. 'This is a car I can afford, I can drive hard, I can replace the parts without having the expense of a true exotic and it performs as good or better than most of those cars,' said Morris.

Morris and Heaphy turned their GT-R experience into a competition, complete with trash talk and time challenges. 'If we had another car I would totally win,' taunted Heaphy. 'But you don't like to compete,' replied Morris. At the owners event, Morris took on the drag races and followed the leader. Heaphy did the auto-cross and the slalom exercises. Then they both did hot laps coached by world-class professional drivers from the Skip Barber Driving School.

'I know I am better than some of these guys. I mean I love cars. I live, sleep, dream everything about cars, and for me this is vacation,' said Heaphy. But the car tricks were not actually Heaphy and Morris's favorite part of their GT-R Experience. It was meeting the legendary Kazutoshi Mizuno, the chief engineer behind of the GT-R.

'I think the opportunity to meet Mizuno is probably the best thing here because I had no idea I was even going to get that opportunity,' said Heaphy. 'Our GT-R team gets energy from customers so these kind of events make good energy for us,' said Mizuno-san.

Mizuno-san plans to keep improving his creation for at least five more years. And he said as long as customers keep buying the GT-R's, drivers will get to keep experiencing this unique event.

Source - Nissan

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