1921 Kissel Model 6-45

Built in Hartford, Wisconsin from 1907 to 1931, the Kissel was one of the early automotive pioneers. From 1907 until 1918 the car was known as the Kissel Kar, but that was dropped due to post-World War I anti-German sentiment. They also made trucks, military vehicles, engines and outboard motors.

In 1919, Kissel introduced a four passenger Model 6-45 known as the Tourster and a two passenger sports car, known as the Model 6-45 Gold Bug Speedster, which was produced until 1927. In 1921 they added the much sportier model, the Sports Tourster. It is distinguished by side mounted spares, a luggage rack and trunk, and fully crowned motorcycle type fenders.

This 1921 Kissel 645 tourster is the only known surviving example. Although approximately 35,000 Kissels were built only 150 are known to remain today. The Wisconsin Automobile Museum in Hartford has several Kissels on display.

The 1921 Kissel was powered by a Kissel in-line six-cylinder motor that displaces 284 cubic-inches and produces 61 horsepower. Its wheelbase is 124 inches and it weighs 3,560 pounds.

This Kissel retains many of its original features. It received a repaint, new top and tires in 1964; otherwise, it remains in original condition. It is highly original with the exception of the added turn signals, and it has only 14,600 miles. The colors are correct for a Kissel Sport Tourster. It was originally sold to a Mr. Joe Antrim in Dayton, Ohio, as evidenced by a picture on display in the Wisconsin Kissel Automotive Museum. After several more owners it found its current home with the well-known Hausmann Kissel Collection in Michigan alongside several other rare 1920s era Kissels.
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