Engine Location : Mid
Drive Type : Rear Wheel
Weight : 1477 lbs | 669.956 kg
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1966 Alpine A210

With a history of exceptional racing cars under their belt, Alpine was a French manufacturer of racing and sports cars that featured rear-mounted Renault engines. Alpine was bought in 1978 by Renault forming the company Alpine-Renault. A sports car prototype, the Alpine A210 was a sleek little racer with a superbly aerodynamic body with a dominant long tail with two side fins. Introduced in 1966, the A210 was manufactured until 1969.

Not only was it fast but also the A210 was an extremely efficient racecar. Bringing more than a half dozen A210 models to Le Mans, Alpine won steading it race classes where its vehicle was registered. In the Index of Performances an A210 won with Andruet Jean-Claude and Jean-Pierre Nicolas behind the wheel. Again in 1969 an A210 won with Alain Serpaggi and Christian Ethuin.

Following the 1969 racing season, Alpine moved their sports activities to rallying. During the mid-1970's the manufacturer returned, under the leadership of Renault with a new program to Le Mans. The 2-door A210 coupe featured an overall length of 182.7 inches, a width of 66.5 inches, and a height of 40.6 inches. It weighed 1,477 pounds and had a maximum speed of 162 mph.

By Jessica Donaldson

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