1958 Goggomobil T400

1958 Goggomobil T400 1958 Goggomobil T400 1958 Goggomobil T400 Sold for $35,750 at 2014 RM Auctions - Amelia Island.
Micro-cars have always been a niche market. Some manufactures have found success in their production, while the majority of others have not. Hans Glas, of Bavaria, produced a line of microcars that were both popular and produced for a very long period of time. Over 174,548 examples of the Goggomobil T250 were produced. The T250 was introduced at the 1954 IFMA international bicycle and motorcycle show. Power was from a rear-mounted 245 cc air-cooled two-stroke straight twin engine. The evolution of the model over the years was mostly limited to cosmetic features. A larger 400 cubic-centimeter engine, however, did become available in a model dubbed the T400. The T was a 2-door sedan while the TS was a 2-door coupe. The TS400 was introduced at the 1957 IFMA show alongside the improved T sedan. The TS was about ten to twenty percent more expensive than the T sedan.

This Goggomobil T400 was equipped with the pre-selector transmission. It was previously part of the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum. The present owner has restored this car to excellent original condition. The restoration was limited largely to paint, chrome, and an engine rebuild. It was refinished in its original color.

Once the restoration was completed, the car was shown at the Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance where it was awarded a Palmetto Award. The car has less than 9,000 miles which is believed to be actual mileage since new.

By Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2014
A series of microcars produced by Hans Glas in the Bavarian town Dingolfing following World War II, the Goggomobil was composed of three models; the T sedan, the TS coupe, and the TL van. There was a boom in mini-cars and three-wheelers following the post-war crisis in Germany as many were searching for low taxation vehicles with more comfort than two wheels could offer. Rather than go the three-wheeler route, Glas instead went with a really small car design, only 9 feet 6 inches long.

First debuted at the 1954 IFMA International bicycle and motorcycle show, the Goggomobil T250 was a conventional-looking two-door sedan. A rear-mounted 245 cc air-cooled two-stroke straight twin engine that had an original displacement of 250 cc that was eventually increased to 300cc and 400 cc powered the T250. From 1955 through 1969 a total of 214,313 sedans, 66,511 coupes, and a 3.667 Transporter vans and pickups were produced. The tiny two-door saloon rode on small 10-inch wheels, featured rack-and-pinion steering and drums brakes on all wheels.

The T250 had a manual clutch and an electric pre-selective transmission manufactured by Getrag that was a motorcycle non-synchromesh gearbox in unit with a multi-plate wet clutch. Moving it across the car from side to side operated the floor-mounted gear level. The suspension was independent all round via coil springs and swing axles. The small car was powered basically a motorcycle engine that produced a top speed of 49 mph and a fuel consumption of more than 50 mph.

In 1957 the T250 underwent design changes that included two windshield wipers instead of one single wiper and wind-up windows rather than sliding windows in the doors. At this time Goggomobil introduced the T300 and T400, with larger engines of 300 cc and 400 cc. The designations were reflective of the approximate engine size in cubic centimeters.

The T400 rode on a 70.8-inch wheelbase and was most often delivered to the United States. It was debuted at the 1957 IFMA show beside the updated T sedan. Equipped with the pre-selector transmission, the TS400 was around 10-20% more expensive than the T sedan. The T400 had a top speed closer to 60 mph with a 395 cc capacity that gave 18.5 bhp at 5,000 rpm. This was the most popular model since it offered respectable fuel consumption of around 50 mpg. The most recent example sold for $35,750 at the 2014 RM Auction.

The final update for the Goggomobil arrived in 1964 when conventional front-hinged doors replaced the rear-hinged suicide doors. A coupe version was also introduced by Glas with a body inspired by the Alfa Romeo Giulietta coupe with 250, 300 and 400 cc engines. Unfortunately this model was seldom purchased in any form other than its 400cc form, giving it a top speed around 65 mph.

The Goggomobil also had quite a sensational racing history in 1955. Thanks to its special climbing ability and good road ability, the mini car was an asset on the steep curves and treacherous mountain passes in Austria. The Goggomobils began to set one class record after another as they won everything they attempted and from April through August they entered in 11 hill climbs and were awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals.


By Jessica Donaldson

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