1961 GSM Delta

The GSM (Glassport Motor Company) Delta was produced from 1960 through 1965 with a total of 35 examples produced. The GSM was a South African motor manufacturer based in Cape Town. The name Glass Sport Motor was in reference to their use of fiberglass. The company was founded by Bob van Niekerk and Willie Meissner.

In 1958, Meissner was visiting England and came across a new technology called fiberglass. With the help of South African designer Verster de Wit, van Niekerk and Meissner soon had a design.

The first prototype produced (and first production model) was for the GSM Dart. Most of the GSM examples produced were sold in either South Africa or England, with a few making it to Canada. The second production model produced by GSM was the Flamingo. GSM sold the car in the European market as the Delta.

The GSM Delta was from a Ford engine in either 997 or 1498cc displacement size. The 997 Ford Kent 105E unit produced 72 horsepower and could carry the fiberglass bodied car to speed of 112mph. The larger displacement engine produced 116 horsepower and could reach 125 mph.

The GSM name is an acronym standing for Glassport Motor Company with headquarters in South Africa. An affiliate was set up in the United Kingdom in 1960 which produced the 'Dart' under license. In Europe the car was named Delta.

By Daniel Vaughan | May 2014

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