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1980 Cadillac Deville

The 1980 Cadillac Deville was available as either a coupe or a sedan. For 1980, changes to the vehicle's design made it more aerodynamic and a Cadillac script was on the side of the heavy upper header. 21 body colors were available and both the DeVille and Brougham had a stiffer roof profile this year. In the front, the grille was made up of narrow vertical bars. The base engine was a 6-liter carbureted V8 that offered 150 horsepower. Standard equipment included a convex remote-control right-hand mirror, simulated teak on the instrument panel, and new dual spot map lamp/courtesy lights. The interior came in either Durand knit cloth upholstery or leather seating. The leather was available in ten colors while the cloth came in six colors. Optional equipment included heated side mirrors, astro-roof, self-sealing tires, six radio choices, and an advanced theft-deterrent system.

Opera lamps were standard on the coupe. Three roof-mounted assist straps could be found on the sedan.

For 1980, Cadillac sold 104,678 examples of the Deville.

By Daniel Vaughan | Jul 2014

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The Cadillac DeVille was a luxury car produced by Cadillac after the Fleetwood name was dropped by Cadillac. Production began in the post-war era, in 1949. It was produced for many years, ending in 2005 when it was replaced by the DTS. The acronym DTS represented DeVille Touring Sedan.The name for the DeVille was derived from its body styling, with DeVille meaning town in French. The....
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A name used on a variety of Cadillacs luxury car models the DeVille became the largest Cadillac sedan and was eventually replaced by DTS for the 2006 model year. The nomenclature DeVille stands for of the city or town in the French language and comes from its town body which showcased an enclosed passenger compartment and an open chauffeurs compartment. Lincoln used the term Town Car in 1922....
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Performance and Specification Comparison

Price Comparison

1980 Deville
1980 Cadillac Deville Price Range: $12,400 - $12,770

Other 1980 Cadillac Models


121.50 in.
8 cyl., 425.00 CID., 180.00hp
8 cyl., 425.00 CID., 195.00hp
$9,650 - $9,860
121.50 in.
8 cyl., 350.00 CID., 120.00hp
8 cyl., 425.00 CID., 195.00hp
$10,445 - $10,670
121.50 in.
8 cyl., 350.00 CID., 125.00hp
8 cyl., 425.00 CID., 180.00hp
8 cyl., 425.00 CID., 195.00hp
$11,140 - $11,495
121.40 in.
8 cyl., 350.00 CID., 105.00hp
$12,400 - $12,770
121.40 in.
8 cyl., 350.00 CID., 105.00hp
8 cyl., 249.00 CID., 135.00hp
$15,970 - $16,440

Industry Production

1985Chevrolet (1,418,098)Renault (1,322,887)Oldsmobile (1,192,549)384,840
1984Chevrolet (1,655,151)Renault (1,429,138)Ford (1,180,708)300,300
1983Renault (1,491,853)Chevrolet (1,175,200)Toyota (1,068,321)292,814
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1981Chevrolet (1,673,093)Renault (1,295,713)Toyota (1,068,321)240,189
1980Chevrolet (2,288,745)Renault (1,492,339)Ford (1,162,275)230,028
1979Chevrolet (2,284,749)Ford (1,835,937)Renault (1,405,330)383,138
1978Chevrolet (2,375,436)Ford (1,923,655)Renault (1,240,941)349,684
1977Chevrolet (2,543,153)Toyota (1,884,260)Ford (1,840,427)358,488
1976Chevrolet (2,103,862)Toyota (1,884,260)Ford (1,861,537)309,139
1975Chevrolet (1,755,773)Toyota (1,714,836)Ford (1,569,608)264,732

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