1954 Cadillac 86

1954 Cadillac 86 1954 Cadillac 86 1954 Cadillac 86
Coachwork: Eureka Co.
Northing says substantial and dignified like a Cadillac. A Cadillac hearse transports a loved one in safety and security, and a side-loading hearse eased the burden of the pall bearers as they carried a heavy casket from the funeral to the hearse at the curb.

The Eureka Co. of Rock Falls, Illinois, introduced the side-loading or three-way hearse in 1926. The side door allowed the casket to be loaded or removed through the rear door or from the left or right side doors.

This Cadillac Three-Way hearse was built as a demonstrator model for the Eureka dealership in Los Angeles, California. Salesman Frank Hubbard drove to Phoenix, Arizona to visit funeral homes and sell the hearse. It was purchased by Whitney & Murphy and was painted white.

In 1968, the hearse was used for the funeral of Pvt. Frank VanLoon, who was killed in Vietnam. Years later, his brother John purchased the hearse from Whitney & Murphy and began its restoration. After his death, the hearse was bought by current owner Tom Hoczyk, who completed the restoration, including returning the Cadillac to its original gleaming black.

Now restored to its original dignified state, the Cadillac Three-Way Landau hearse is still used for funerals by special request.

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