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2017 Ferrari F12Berlinetta

The F12berlinetta is not only the most aerodynamic series-production Ferrari, it is also the most powerful, highest performance front-engine Ferrari in the range.
The F12berlinetta delivers unparalleled performance. Its direct-injection, 6,262cc normally-aspirated V12 engine introduces a new generation of innovations, winning awards, building passion.

The F12berlinetta's V12 engine is just as much art for eyes as it is power source for the enthusiast. With a maximum power output of 731 hp at 8250 rpm, it also generates maximum torque of 508 lb-ft, yet 80 percent of that torque is available at a mere 2500 rpm. Outstanding response and strong acceleration rushes through anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, the V12's high specific power output of 116 hp per liter is a record for an engine of this type. Impressive by any standards, these stats make Ferrari's F12berlinetta the benchmark.

Shorter, lower and narrower than its predecessor, the 599 GTB Fiorano, the new F12berlinetta is more than a design success, it's a performance virtuoso and that is no accident. While weighing in at only 3362 pounds and also being 20 percent more torsionally rigid than its predecessor, the major focus in structural design is placing the major masses in the best locations. This improves the chassis' dynamic behavior at speed, in corners and under braking; no easy feat. The engine is lower in the chassis, netting a lower center of gravity. A new rear suspension / gearbox unit enables a smaller rear end. Weight distribution is therefore optimized for a slight rear weight bias, at 46 percent front / 54 percent rear.

The F12berlinetta also uses innovative materials and technologies new to the automotive . A spaceframe chassis and bodyshell employs more than twelve alloys to shave off 154 pounds when compared to the 599 GTB Fiorano.

A modern take on classic design wîth new aerodynamic solutions
Sensuous design and aerodynamics - two automotive goals often at odds - are 100 percent synchronized in F12berlinetta. Pininfarina and the Ferrari Style Center exceed expectations wîth brilliant style and balanced proportions. Though it is largely original in looks, many signature elements from the grand Ferrari V12 history remain. Despite compact exterior dimensions, the F12berlinetta offers superb cabin space and comfort. Designers also left room for innovation. The F12berlinetta uses the smart Aero Bridge where the hood and front fenders meet to create downforce. In a similar vein, Active Brake Cooling opens air ducts only when the brakes reach a threshold temperature. The result is extreme aero efficiency, a fact borne out by the F12berlinetta's drag coefficient of just 0.299, while also generating 271 pounds of downforce at 125 mph.

Vital Stats
Engine : 6.3 L., 12-cylinder
Power: 731 hp
Torque: 508 ft-lbs

7-speed Manual
T-shape: F1-inspired
The F12berlinetta employs a modern, functional reinterpretation of the Kamm tail, which seamlessly integrates the two vertical fences of the rear diffuser. The resulting original T-shape also incorporates two full-LED circular tail-lights and the F1-inspired rear fog light.

The F12berlinetta has the very latest carbon ceramic braking system (CCM3), a new 'Evolution' magnetorheological suspension (SCM-E) and advanced vehicle dynamics systems (E-diff, ESC, F1-Trac and high-performance ABS). The controls for these systems are integrated in a single, faster ECÚ wîth software unique to the F12berlinetta.

Source - Ferrari
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