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2017 Renault Kangoo Van Z.E. 33


•New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 has over 50 per cent more range than previous version
•Longest range of any pure electric van on sale today
•New Z.E. 33 battery and motor provides 170 miles (NEDC) of driving on a single charge
•New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 available in four body styles to suit every need
•Renault is Europe's leading manufacturer of all-electric LCVs
•Kangoo Z.E. is best-selling electric van in Europe for six years
•New Renault Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 ordering opens today, wîth deliveries from November 2017
•New Renault Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 range priced from £14,194.67 (after Plug-in Van Grant, excluding VAT)

Renault ÚK has announced pricing and specification for the New Renault Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 that has increased its range to 170 miles (NEDC) on a single charge. Available in four variants, the New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 goes on sale today and will arrive in ÚK showrooms from November 2017, priced from £14,194.67 (after Plug-in Van Grant, excluding VAT).

With a 170 mile (NEDC) range, New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 offers the best range of any pure electric van. In real-world driving, Renault estimates the Kangoo fitted wîth the new Z.E. 33 battery has a real-world range of up to 124 miles. The Z.E. 33 battery replaces the previous battery which offered a range of 106 miles (NEDC). The new battery boasts 33kWh of useful energy, equivalent to almost double the storage capacity of its previous battery.

The New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 is available in four variations:
•Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 •Available wîth two seats and a load capacity of up to 3.6m3

•Kangoo Maxi Van Z.E. 33 •Styled wîth two seats and up to 4.6m3 load capacity

•Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Z.E. 33 •Suitable for carrying a small crew of people, wîth five seats and a load capacity of 1.3m3

•Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab Z.E. 33 •Features an innovative multipositional bulkhead allowing a crew of up to five people or a load capacity of up to 3.6m³ whichever is required at the time, whilst staying safe

The New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 remains available to purchase wîth a monthly battery lease agreement or outright wîth no battery lease agreement.

The New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33's increased range is mainly thanks to a new higher density 33kWh battery, offering a battery that is the same dimensions as the previous version, ensuring little impact on payload whilst greatly improving range. Battery performance has been optimised not by adding extra modules but instead by improving the chemistry of the battery cells themselves in order to increase energy density. This major improvement was achieved without sacrificing reliability, safety or payload.

Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 also benefits from a new, more efficient motor based on the version that powers ZOE Z.E.40, featuring an optimised electronic battery management system. The R60 motor delivers 44kW (60hp) and is manufactured at Renault's Cléon plant in Normandy, France – the Groupe Renault's flagship facility for the production of high added-value engines, motors and transmissions.

Similarly to ZOE Z.E.40, the New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 is also fitted wîth the optional receives an upgraded charger that reduces charging times and is twice as powerful as its previous one. The single phase 7kW AC charger can take the new 33kWh battery to a full charge in just six hours, wîth the ability to 'top-up' the vehicle by up to 21 miles in just one hour. This compares to eight hours for less range wîth the previous version.

New for the Kangoo range, New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 is available wîth optional permanent ECO mode. ECO mode is already available as a driver operated selection, increasing range up to 10% by modifying the throttle response and applying ECO engine maps whilst allowing drivers to access rapid acceleration when required. The mode can now be permanently activated to ensure drivers are always achieving the optimum range.

In a first for an electric LCV, New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 is available wîth an optional heat pump, incorporated into the air conditioning – improving range during cold temperatures. The heat pump is able to air-condition and heat the New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 more efficiently than a traditional system, meaning you can stay comfortable without worrying about range. New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 also retains its pre-conditioning system allowing users to heat or cool the vehicle prior to use whilst the vehicle is plugged in to mains electricity.

Available in Business trim level, the New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 range retains its broad specification, wîth DAB radio, full steel bulkhead (not available on crew vans), electrically operated door mirrors, electric front windows, dashboard wîth A4 storage, cloth upholstery, load area lighting, central storage tray between front seats, height adjustable §teering wheel and driver's seat, six anchorage points in load area (Kangoo Van, Kangoo Z.E. and Kangoo Maxi Crew Van) and 14 load anchorage points in loading area (Kangoo Maxi Van and Kangoo Maxi Z.E.).

To the exterior, the New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 range receives 15-inch wheels wîth BRIGANTIN wheel stylers, dark grey front and rear bumpers, grey side protection mouldings and roof bar fixings.

This is all offered alongside a comprehensive safety specification including ABS wîth Electronic Brake-force Distribution, driver's airbag, Electronic Stability Control wîth Hill Start Assist and remote central locking.

Z.E.-specific equipment available on the New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 range includes Z.E. Voice – alerting pedestrians of an electric vehicle in the vicinity – and a pre-heating function enabling passengers to heat the vehicle up before driving it, especially helpful on winter mornings.

The New Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Z.E. 33 and Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab Z.E. 33 add a second row of two passenger seats and a folding passenger rear seat allowing further load space as needed. The Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab Z.E. 33 also adds a multipositional bulk head keeping loads in the rear secure and the driver and passengers safe.

Options for the New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 range include rear parking sensors, body coloured front bumper and the Renault R-LINK infotainment and Navigation system.

The New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 range is available to purchase in two ways to better suit customers. Buyers can lease the battery on a monthly basis. Battery lease payments are banded and reflect estimated annual mileage ensuring drivers only pay for what they need. Pricing lease will be confirmed closer to the on-sale date.

Advantages of purchasing a New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33
Other advantages to owning a New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 include:
•Congestion Charge-exempt
•Eligible for upcoming Últra Low Emission Zones (ÚLEZ)
•Eligible for the Government Plug-in Van Grant
•100% write down allowance
•Zero Benefit in Kind liability

Z.E. Trip and Z.E. Pass – two new apps for Renault Z.E. owners
Z.E. Trip makes long-distance driving a breeze in the New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 by allowing drivers to locate all public charging points in many European countries. The app can be accessed directly via the Renault R-LINK navigation system using the §teering wheel-mounted controls or via the internet to prepare trips in advance. Z.E. Trip indicates the real-time availability of each charging point, as well as its type and whether it is compatible wîth the van. The driver can select a charging point based on its charging capacity so the speeds suit their requirements. Z.E. Trip will be rolled out in the ÚK during the second half of 2017.

The Z.E. Pass app makes charging easier at most public charging points in Europe even though they are owned by various operators. The driver can pay using the specific smartphone app or wîth one RFID badge. They can also locate available charging points and compare prices at different points nearby using their smartphone or tablet without having to be a registered member of each network. Developed in association wîth Bosch, the Z.E. Pass service will be rolled out in the ÚK during the second half of 2017.

Developed in close partnership wîth LG Chem, the battery uses high-energy density lithium-ion technology. Renault and LG engineers have succeeded in increasing storage capacity without making the battery any bigger or a lot heavier. It was optimised by working on the chemistry of the cells in order to increase their energy density, rather than stacking additional battery modules, a commonly used technique. This major new technology has been developed while ensuring the battery's reliability and safety.

Renault's electric vehicle expertise
Renault designed and makes the New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 wîth the expertise it has acquired as a pioneer in the world of electric-vehicle mobility and as Europe's number one electric-vehicle brand, as well as its technical and sporting partnership roles in the FIA Formula E Championship – Renault e.Dams are three-times winners of the electric motor racing championship.

The new Z.E. 33 battery is assembled at Renault's Flins plant, near Paris. The same factory is responsible for the production of the Renault ZOE, alongside the Renault Clio. The New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 was designed and engineered at the Renault Technocentre in Guyancourt, near Paris.

The R60 motor is made at Renault's Cléon factory in Normandy, a flagship facility in the field of engine and transmission production for Groupe Renault. This motor was entirely developed by Renault and led to the filing of 95 patents.

Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 will be assembled at Renault's Maubeuge factory near Lille – where the Kangoo has been built since its launch in 1997.

Servicing and Warranty
The New Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 is available wîth a choice of Renault Service Plans. The 1 year/18,000 mile (whichever comes first) plan is available at the recommended retail price of £159, 2 year/36,000 miles at the recommended retail price of £309 and the 3 year/48,000 mile service plan is available at £519. Servicing is required once a year or every 18,000 miles, whichever comes first.

All versions provide the peace of mind of Renault's 4+ Z.E. warranty and assistance package. The vehicle is protected by Renault for four years or 100,000 miles (first two years have no mileage limit). For Z.E. vehicles wîth a Battery Hire Contract, the Renault Assistance cover is linked to the period of the Battery Hire. In the event of a breakdown even if you run out of charge, Renault provides emergency roadside repairs or repatriation 24/7 every day of the year, plus three years' European cover. There is also a three-year paint warranty and 12 years' cover against corrosion.

Source - Renault
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