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1951 Fiat 1400


The Fiat 1400 was the company's first unibody car, and their first passenger car equipped with a diesel engine. It was introduced at the 1950 Geneva Motor Show and came powered by a 1.4-liter engine. The Fiat 1900 was introduced in 1952 and it shared the same body and platform as its 1400 sibling. The 1.4-liter 1400 was Fiat's intermediate model while the 1900 was an upmarket version that had an enlarged 1.9-liter powerplant along with more luxurious trim and equipment. In 1954, the petrol-engined Fiat 1900 A was introduced, offering 70 horsepower. It came with a five-speed column shifted manual transmission was a hydraulically operated clutch, and unusual setup for the era.

By Daniel Vaughan | Sep 2018

1951 Vehicle Profiles

1951 Fiat 1400 vehicle information

Coachwork: Vignale
Designer: Giovanni Michelotti

Chassis Num: 101*020996
Engine Num: 034412

Fiat introduced its first all-new postwar passenger car, the Fiat 1400, in 1950, and it soon became the basis for many of the great Italian carrozzerie. This unique Fiat 1400 Cabriolet was designed by Giovanni Michelotti and bodied by Carrozzeria Vig....[continue reading]

Cabriolet by Vignale
Chassis #: 101*020996 

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Performance and Specification Comparison


104.30 in.
4 cyl., 85.13 CID., 45.00hp

Industry Production

1956Chevrolet (1,567,117)Ford (1,408,478)Buick (572,024)261,956
1955Chevrolet (1,704,667)Ford (1,451,157)Buick (738,814)217,937
1954Ford (1,165,942)Chevrolet (1,143,561)Plymouth (463,148)
1953Chevrolet (1,346,475)Ford (1,247,542)Plymouth (650,451)
1952Chevrolet (818,142)Ford (671,733)Plymouth (396,000)
1951Chevrolet (1,229,986)Ford (1,013,381)Plymouth (611,000)13
1950Chevrolet (1,498,590)Ford (1,208,912)Plymouth (610,954)46
1949Ford (1,118,308)Chevrolet (1,010,013)Plymouth (520,385)46
1948Chevrolet (696,449)Ford (430,198)Plymouth (412,540)46
1947Chevrolet (671,546)Ford (429,674)Plymouth (382,290)
1946Ford (468,022)Chevrolet (398,028)Plymouth (264,660)

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