1903 Holsman Type 3

1903 Holsman Type 3 1903 Holsman Type 3 Highwheeler
Holsman introduced his high wheel automobile to the public at the Chicago Automobile show in January 1903. This Holsman Type 3 is one of the very earliest built. Power is supplied by a 12 bhp two cylinder engine. The transmission device consists of the ordinary vehicle brake beam or shaft suspended on hangers by roller bearings and revolving in a forward direction by a simple chain connection to the motor shaft. There was no reverse motoring capability. The road wheels are 52 inches in diameter, shod with solid rubber tyres. It is claimed the vehicle can attain a speed of 18 mph. The boarding steps are in front of the front axle making entry to the vehicle awkward.

The car was found many years ago in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area by Robert Watkins and he performed the original restoration of the car. Within the last 10 years the original wheels were replaced and other sympathetic restoration has been done as needed.

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